Legally Guaranteed Capital Gains of 30% in 1.5 Years

While this outstanding offer of legally guaranteed capital gains of 30% in 1.5 years is currently closed for Phase 1, if you are ready with your funds and can invest immediately, please let us know (by getting in touch with our team member who has shared this link with you or scroll down to the end of this page for contact details of our team) and we may still be able to accommodate you.

.  Villa Plots in North Bangalore  .

Rare 164 Acre Gated Community Right on the NH7 – International Airport Zone, North Bangalore

G&C is proud to bring to you the most exclusive pre-launch offer in North Bangalore.

20% Discount Over Market Price (Pre-Launch Offer)

Compared to many top builders who are selling gated communities in this area for Rs.1800 to 2600/Sft, our project is being offered to you at a special pre-public launch price of Rs.1475/Sftwhich is almost 20% to 30% less than current market prices.

Double Your Investment in 2 Years

Due to North Bangalore’s immense growth potential, you can expect to earn atleast 100% capital gains in 2 to 3 years as you are getting a special price which is 15-20% lower than existing market prices in the area.

Just 22 Minutes from Bangalore International Airport

This gated community is located bang on the excellent & signal free 4 lane (expanding to 6 lane) National Highway 7 which connects Bangalore to Hyderabad & is surrounded by numerous upcoming SEZs / IT parks.

Stunning & Expansive Highway Frontage

This is one of the largest plotted development on NH7 & the first project of its kind in North Bangalore to have a stunning 1 km frontage bang on the National Highway, giving it a very high appreciation potential due to this highly premium location.

Smooth, Fast & Easy Connectivity

Most comparable top projects in this area are located on the Nandi Hills Road where you have to travel on a rough 40 feet road through 3 villages and cross a railway track and then buy at Rs.2200/Sft. In comparison, our project is located bang on the 6 lane NH & can be reached in half the time it takes you to reach the other projects.

Many 1st of its Kind Features of the Market

There are going to be many “1st of its kind” features in this gated community of villa plots in North Bangalore with a unique Clubhouse of very high standards with all standard features given by any top builder of Bangalore and with a special focus on sports and fitness including adventure sports.

G&C is Exclusive Channel Partner

What makes this more interesting is that this is the 1st project taken on exclusive basis where entire sales process (including pre public and post public launch) will be driven and handled exclusively by G&C staff only.

Largest Community of Its Kind

This is the largest project of its kind in the entire area and due to shortage of clean and well connected land parcels and expansion of the National Highway, it will be almost impossible for any other builder to launch such a large project – making this a very rare and unique asset.

Your Best Chance to Grab VILLA PLOTS in NORTH BANGALORE at 15-20% Discount to Current Market Prices


Project Overview (Snapshot)

  • Type of Home
    Villa Plots
  • Location
    22 mins from BIAL.
    Right on NH7
  • Size of Total Project
    164 Acres in Phases
  • Units Sizes
    1500 sft, 1800 sft, 2400 sft & 4000 sft
  • Budget Range
    Rs.22 to 60 lakhs
  • Current Project Status
    Public launch expected by March 2017
  • Sanctions Status
    Final Approvals in Progress & Expected by Feb / March 2017
  • Expected Returns
    100% in 2 to 3 Years

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Location Map

Immense Growth Potential

Here are 4 top reasons as to why you should invest in this area to earn almost 100% ROI in 2 to 3 years :

Airport Development Corridor

Aerospace, Pharma, IT and Hardware Parks / SEZs have already been sanctioned with a total investment of Rs.1,15,000 crores. These SEZs will collectively create 4 million jobs, which in turn will drastically increase demand for residential plots and land in North Bangalore.

12,000 Acre IT Investment Region

This ITIR will be located between Doddaballapur and Chikkaballapur and will house marquee names of IT industry such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL, etc who will collectively create 1.2 million IT jobs. Even if 20% of such new employees choose to live close by, it will result in demand of 240,000 homes in this area.

Just 1 Hour Drive from Bangalore City Center & CBD

Located just 20 minutes from the International Airport and connected to city by a 12 lane highway and an upcoming high speed rail network, this project has excellent connectivity, further raising the appreciation potential of this gated community.

Well Connected & Close to Andhra’s New Industrial Hubs

In the neighbouring state of New Andhra Pradesh, Hindupur (located on Karnataka-Andhra border) and Ananthapur are set to become the next big industrial hubs due to the 10 years tax break incentive being offered by the new state government. By being located right in between these hubs and Bangalore, this area is set to attract massive demand for land, thus giving you immense appreciation potential.

This Project is Heavily Undervalued

  • Our highly experienced team which has in-depth knowledge of Bangalore market has surveyed and scanned a 5 km radius around this project and has found that current market prices for similar gated communities – which although are nowhere comparable to this project – are in the range of Rs.1800 to 2600/sft.
  • One of Bangalore’s top 4 builders has been selling their layout of 90 acres at Rs.2200/Sft and to reach this project, you have to travel on a narrow & congested 40 feet road that passes through 3 villages and a railway line and hence it takes you twice as long to reach this builder’s project from the Highway than what it takes for you to reach our new project which is located bang on the Highway itself and just 22 minutes from the Airport.
  • Most of the other builders (including the top ones of Bangalore) have projects that are situated a few kilometers off the Highway and our 164 gated community is one of the very few projects that are situated BANG on the 4 lane highway, giving this unprecedented access to Bangalore City.

Limited Plots under Below Buyback Offer

Legally Guaranteed Capital Gains of 30% in 18 Months

The builder is offering a few plots under buyback offer where you can earn guaranteed returns of 30% in 18 months and this is how it works :

  • Under this buyback offer, you are being offered a special price of Rs.1000/Sft compared to proposed public launch price of Rs.1725/Sft by March 2017.
  • You invest by paying 100% value of the plot size that you choose. Assuming you go for a 2400 Sft plot, you pay a total of Rs.1000 x 2400 Sft = Rs.24 lakhs.
  • As proof of your investment and to guarantee you assured returns of 30% in 18 months, you are given an indemnity bond (printed on Govt. issued stamp paper) and a post dated cheque for the full buyback amount of 130% of your investment, which is Rs.24 Lakhs x 130% = Rs.31.2 Lakhs and this is cheque is post dated to 18 months.
  • At the end of 18 months, you have 2 options :
    • Encash the cheque of Rs.31.2 Lakhs and walk out with your profits, which means you earn 30% assured returns in 1.5 Years;
    • Retain the plot by returning above documents and paying an additional amount of Rs.600/Sft + applicable deposits, registration charges & stamp duty applicable at that time and then you are free to use the plot for self-occupation or to sell it in the future at a price that you want.

Special Pre-Public Launch Offer For End Users

Best Chance for You to Grab Villa Plots at 15-20% Discount to Market Rates

Under the pre-launch offer for limited plots, you are being offered a special price of Rs.1475/sft versus tentative public launch price of atleast Rs.1650 to 1675/sft by February / March 2017.

  • If you plan to use this property to build a house for self-occupation or plan to hold it as a long term investment (to ultimately sell it off at a very high premium in the future), this is one of the best opportunities not just in this area but in the whole of Bangalore.
  • We strongly believe that you can earn 100% capital gains in 2 to 3 years if you buy at this lowest entry price of Rs.1475/sft (applicable to limited plots on immediate payment basis).
  • In this case, since registration of the plot can be done only at the time of public launch, until then as security, you will be issued a post dated cheque and an indemnity bond to ensure you are given assured returns of 18% p.a. INCASE the developer is unable to register the plot in your name within 6 months from the date of your investment due to unforeseen reasons.
  • This cheque and indemnity bond will have to be surrendered back to developer at the time of registration.

G&C has 100% Control Over Developer & Project

  • For first time ever, the Founder Chairman of G&C Mr. AVR Chowdary has agreed to become a Group Advisor to this fast growing and reputed builder who has already handled many BDA approved villas / villa plots projects.
  • The builder is required to report each and every aspect of the group to Mr. Chowdary without exception, thereby giving G&C 100% control on the builder and our investor’s interests.
  • G&C staff will be posted at site for handling post public launch.


Plot Sizes Available

100% Downpayment is required as this is the essence of both the guaranteed capital gains (buyback ) and the deep discounted offer.

1500 Sft

Rs. 15

Lakhs for Buyback

Rs.22 Lakhs under End Use

1800 Sft

Rs. 18

Lakhs for Buyback

 Rs.26.5 Lakhs under End Use

2400 SftMost Popular

Rs. 24

Lakhs for Buyback

 Rs.26.4 Lakhs under End Use

4000 Sft

Rs. 40

Lakhs for Buyback

 Rs.59 Lakhs under End Use

Above is only BASIC PRICE per sft. If you choose to retain the plot (i.e. end use), then extra charges will be applicable such as Clubhouse Fees, Premium Location Charges, Water and Power Deposits, Registration Charges, Stamp Duty etc and all these put together will be approximately equal to 15% to 20% of the basic price.

For Those Investing under End Use Scheme

Registration of Your Plot

  • Registration of the villa plot is possible only after public launch which is expected by March 2017.
  • Until then as security, you will be issued a post dated cheque and an indemnity bond to ensure you are given assured returns of 18% p.a. INCASE the developer is unable to register the plot in your name within 6 months from the date of your investment due to unforeseen reasons.
  • This cheque and indemnity bond will have to be surrendered back to developer at the time of registration.

Our Vision for This Project

  • Keeping all the factors explained in this offer document so far, we strongly recommend this gated community of villa plots in North Bangalore as a compulsory investment and sure shot multi-bagger as capital values are going to more than double in 2 years, keeping in mind the outstanding location of this project and the strong growth prospects of North Bangalore.
  • We further recommend that you invest in multiple units as you can sell half the stock after 2 or 3 years and the profit from such a sale will be enough for you to even recover the basic investment put into the other half remaining stock.
  • For example, you can invest in 4 plots at Rs.1475/Sft and when prices increase in 2 to 3 years, you can sell 2 out of your 4 plots at atleast Rs.2500/Sft, which means you not only end up recovering most of your original investment made to acquire ALL the 4 plots but also end up having 2 plots that are now literally free of cost to you and also worth almost double their original value.
  • You can then construct your home on land that is literally free of cost to you!

Hence, please take faster decision to secure at lowest price possible.

Next Steps

Once you decide about the size of plot(s) and give us your confirmation, we will send you a booking form and payment details.

You can fill, scan and send the booking form along with details of 100% downpayment if you are paying directly into builder’s bank account, or you can courier the booking form along with the cheque with 100% down payment.

On realisation of the above amount by the builder, the documents will be dispatched to you within 48 hours and registration of plots will be done as soon as project is launched to public (expected by March 2017).

For Site Visits, Bookings & Enquiries, please contact :

Senior Manager – Business Development
M : +91 9686669173
E :

Deputy Manager – Business Development
M : +91 9986233354
E :

Project Co-ordinator & In-charge
M: +91 9980319639