a rare 300 acre gated community on the banks of Krishna River

(With a 4 Km River Front, making this the ONLY project of its kind in AP)

A once in a lifetime opportunity for those seeking to settle down on the banks of the mighty Krishna, with a relaxed yet active lifestyle in the best environs and with the best of facilities, surrounded by the Vedadri Temple, Koti Lingala Temples, Muktyala Fort, Veda Gurukula and many other temples/historic attractions, making this a unique spiritual tourism hub.

G&C’s Signature Project in Andhra

With many unique features including a 10 acre club house, senior citizen active living, 50 acres of open spaces on the banks of the river, Alakananda aims to be one of the best gated communities in the country with its unique location and immense potential, being a gateway to the new capital – Amaravati.

Potential for 100% to 200% ROI in 2 to 3 Years

Situated at the Entrance of many new developments of Andhra, Alakananda is set to become the best in its category, with potential for highest appreciation and expected returns of 100% to 200% in 2 to 3 years time, as it is in a highly undervalued zone.

set to become the most preferred destination

for anyone looking to acquire a top tier project
in the New Capital Region

The AP government recently released the masterplan developed by Singapore government for the New Capital Region in which a green belt / agriculture protection zone has been declared around Amaravati – which means no new development can happen in this protection zone. Alakananda is the first major project to fall outside this zone – which means that it will become the default No.1 option for anyone planning to invest in a top tier project in the New Capital Region.

Chairman’s Vision

As per me, it is not possible to replicate this project in AP as there is no chance of getting such a huge chunk of 300 acres on the river front. Because of this, the project becomes incomparable to anything else, which in turn will make capital values sky rocket in the long run.

This is the ONLY place where Telugu community from both states find it attractive to buy and live as it is between the existing capital and new capital.

Since we are going to plant Sree Gandham and Erra Chandanam plants on the boundary of each 1000 yards plot and also maintain it ourselves on your behalf. If sold at today’s market rate after 16 years, the plot will become free for the investor just from the sale proceeds of these trees and if sold at the future appreciated price, you may recover almost 3 times your initial investment.

As an early investor, you will get the privilege to choose the best plots in the layout as 1St preference to chose will be give to you and hence if you are interested in investing in this unique project at pre-launch special price before we open it to general public at a much higher price sometime in November 2016, please feel free to get in touch with one of our team members to register your interest.

Founder Chairman