Legally Guaranteed
Capital Gains

60% in 3 Years

This might be the last opportunity for you to earn such abnormally high gains, as all our future offers in this category will only be for 18% p.a.

G&C is proud to announce development of its own signature project set to create waves in entire Amaravati Capital Region.


1.7 Million Sft spread across 17 Acres

Gated Community of Luxury Apartments at Affordable Prices

1st of its Kind in Vijayawada & Amaravati

  • 12 Minutes from M.G.Road (Bunder Road), Vijayawada
  • 15 Minutes from Core Capital, Amaravati
  • Near AIIMS, Mangalagiri
  • 1100 Smart Apartments (approx)

There is a massive shortage of affordable apartments in and around Vijayawada / Amaravati and ours will literally be the first branded development by a reputed player in this price range and hence will become a benchmark for the rest of the market and become a truly unique asset for anyone looking to invest in Vijayawada / Amaravati.

Current Status

  • Final drawings are more or less ready.
  • Various statutory approvals / sanction process is on.
  • Soil testing reports have already come and structural drawings initiated.
  • Basement excavation work already completed, saving 8 moths of precious time.
  • Pre-construction work / ground preparatory works have begun.

Launch Plan

  • Expecting sanctions in place by January / February 2018
  • Planning to launch to public immediately post that.
  • 1st Phase will be completed in 3 years and 2nd phase also will commence parallelly.

G&C Chairman’s Vision

The promotor Mr.AVR Chowdary personally believes that this will become a sensational offer ever offered in Vijayawada / Amaravati and particularly, for all those aspiring families in India and NRIs and in particular, all Govt employees and other private sector employees, needing accommodation near core capital will find the same most affordable and unbeatable by any other player of comparative standards.

Legally Guaranteed Capital Gains of 60% in 3 Years

Limited Offer to G&C Patrons

  • Before public launch, few apartments are being offered under this legally guaranteed buyback scheme where you can earn assured returns of 60% in 3 Years.
  • You invest by paying Rs.2500/sft upfront and in return, the developer (G&C’s group company Sree Vibhava Estates) gives you a post dated cheque for Rs.4000/sft and an indemnity bond executed on Govt. issued stamp paper – both of which are signed by the Founder Chairman of G&C.
  • In essence, you are given a written guarantee by the developer to buyback your unit at an assured profit / capital gain of 60% at the end of 3 years.
  • At the end of this 3 years, you can either encash the post dated cheque and walk away with your assured returns of 60% in 3 years, or you can choose to register the apartment or resell it before end of this 3 years by paying an additional Rs.975/sft, as by that time, prices are expected to cross atleast Rs.6000/Sft, giving you almost 90% gains even upon retaining the apartment.
  • Only YOU (i.e. the investor) will have the final authority or option to choose whether to encash the cheque or retain the apartment and builder will honour your decision either ways (the same will be put down in writing in the indemnity bond being issued to you).
  • Limited apartments are being offered under this scheme to G&C patrons and their circle & this offer is open ONLY for a limited period.
  • The ticket sizes (i.e. minimum investment amount) available are :
    • Option A : 2 BHK (1000 Sft approx)
      Rs.25 Lakhs for each apartment & multiples thereof. For example, Rs.50 lakhs for 2 apartments, Rs.75 lakhs for 3 apartments, etc
    • Option B : 3 BHK (1600 Sft+ approx)
      Rs.40 Lakhs for each apartment & multiples thereof. For example, Rs.80 lakhs for 2 apartments, Rs.120 lakhs for 3 apartments, etc.
    • 100% upfront payment is required in all cases as this is the essence of the guaranteed returns offer.


Unique Location

While we would like to keep the location confidential due to market sensitivity, for the benefit of G&C patrons – it is a little over 1 Km off Vijayawada-Guntur 6 Lane Highway and much before the proposed All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) Campus near Mangalagiri.

  • It is just 15 minutes to Amaravati* (15 kms) and 10 minutes to Vijayawada (10 Kms to Varadhi Junction).
  • The Vijayawada-Mangalagiri Stretch is poised to become the fastest appreciating area (infact set to literally become the Gachibowli of Hyderabad) in the capital region owing to its rare infrastructure and proximity to the core capital.
  • This stretch is one of the first ones with private lands banks from the capital, making it one the best options for gated communities.
  • This gated community of apartments is located close to
    • the AIIMS Campus,
    • NRI Hospital & Manipal Hospital
    • prominent engineering colleges and international schools including KL University, Nagarjuna University, NRI College.

I highly recommend you to go for 2 apartments if you can spare cashflows, as this way at the end of 3 years, you can encash the 1st apartment’s buyback cheque and use the capital gains to make your 2nd apartment heavily discounted and get it registered in your name, as this asset will continue appreciating in the long run and will be a unique asset to own in Amaravati & Vijayawada.

While masterplan deliberations are going on directly between Mindswork and G&C’s founder, this unique and biggest gated community of apartments in the core capital region will have all the modern amenities aspired by any professional / businessman / employees befitting the latest modern lifestyles and hence, will definitely turn out to be a signature asset for you to own in Andhra’s New capital.

Congrats in advance for safest wealth creation for your families.

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