Legally Guaranteed Returns
of 60% in 3 Years

Buyback Offers for Assured ROI

Secured through Post Dated Cheque + Indemnity Bond

While this outstanding offer of legally guaranteed capital gains of 60% in 3 years is currently closed, if you are ready with your funds and can invest immediately, please let us know – by reaching out to our team members who’s details are shown at the end of this pageas we may still be able to accommodate your investment.

How does this work?

  • You invest in a villa plot or apartment where builder promises to buyback the same property from you after 3 years for 60% profit (i.e. builder buys it back at 1.6 times the price that you paid, thus giving you assured gains of 60% in 3 years).
  • For example, you purchase a plot from the builder at Rs.1000/sft and the builder will buyback the same plot from you after 3 years at Rs.1600/Sft.
  • As security, you are given an indemnity bond cum sale agreement (printed on Govt issued stamp paper), along with a CTC compliant post dated cheque for 1.6 times your invested amount (i.e. your original capital + 60% assured profit) post dated 3 years and both these documents are signed by the promoter personally.
  • At the end of 3 years, you can :
    • Encash the post dated cheque & exit with your guaranteed returns of 60%;
    • Retain the property by paying an additional amount (which is told to you right now) and sell the property at your own price or use it for self occupation.
  • The choice is completely yours and you can decide at the end of the buyback period, whether you want to encash the cheque or retain the property.

Want to know more?

If you are ready to invest, please reach out to below team members for current offers & next steps

Jhashank Chowdary
+91 99001 23737

Divyendhu Roy Chowdary
+1 845 248 0012