Project Overview

Type of HomeServiced Hotel Apartments.
Size of Total Project:Tallest tower of Tirupati with Rooftop Swimming Pool and as a stand-alone tower, part of a mixed development of flats and villas spread across 10 acres in the center of city and just over 1 km from main bus stand.
Type of Units1 Bedroom with balcony & common areas (843 Sft.) – 72 units. 2 Bedroom with balcony & common areas (1224 Sft.) – 72 units.
No. of FloorsBasement + Ground + 12 Floors
Total No. of Units144
Expected Commencement & Completion DateDouble basement excavation already completed and footings work just commenced. Completion of the structure in 18 months and furnishing and permissions thereafter for another 6 – 7 months and expected commencement of monthly income from 2017, Diwali time as an outer limit.
Sanctions StatusAll statutory approvals received, including building permissions and making this as the 1st such tall tower to get building permit by municipality and Tirupati Urban Development Authority.
Budget Range1 Bedroom will be approx Rs.40.8 lakhs and 2 Bedroom will be approx Rs.59.12 Lakhs all inclusive | (all figures are including registration charges as per current applicable rates)
Expected Returns14% to 15% average rental returns for next 15 years and up to 20% to 22% progressively. 100% to 200% capital appreciation over a period.
USPsSecure way to get high monthly income and is exclusive to G & C and 1st time in India and hence rare to secure such asset class for ones family. Highest returns on Low capital investment spread over 24 months.
After the stupendous success of our last offer in Bangalore wherein all the 126 units spread on 18 floors were sold out in record time, G&C is proud to bring the most popular family income asset again & this time in a rare and exceptional location at Tirupati and only by Invitation for G & C clients and their friends and relatives.

In the past 9 years, G&C has been flooded by regular requests from our loyal patrons spread around the globe, requesting good commercial investment opportunities that would generate a good fixed monthly income for their families. So far we have been unable to provide them with credible & safe investments as until recently, a good long term commercial asset would come at a minimum investment bracket of Rs. 5 to 10 crore and hence a retail investor was in no way able to invest in such properties. In this context, our offer as above was a runaway success and created a record waiting list for next venture for the above were sold-out by internal spread of word among few investors. And hence we at G&C are proud to bring this opportunity at Tirupati.

This asset is the most lucrative investment for any family because of its highly attractive rate of returns and more importantly the low investment bracket of just Rs.40.8 lakhs to Rs.59.12 lakhs depending on size of the unit. This combination is very rare if not impossible to find – a fact that was soundly established when our first offer of 126 units was sold-out so fast that a number of prospective investors were left amazed that the entire project got sold out before they could even evaluate it completely. As a result, more than 200 such investors are waiting for this opportunity for investment across 4 locations and we urge you to take time out & make your decision fast so that you don’t lose out on this rare opportunity.

Also as the Founder Promoter of G&C, I take liberty of saying that it is a must for all well to do professionals, businessmen, retired & about to retire professionals as the same is ZERO risk asset and can assume as guaranteed income asset for next 20 years without any monitoring or management. We can very confidently say that in India, it is almost impossible to find such a commercial, monthly revenue generating asset at such a low investment threshold and with NIL risk.


1. Highest tourist traffic on daily basis throughout the year and one of the highest traffic not only in India but on worldwide basis for such pilgrimage cum educational cum high growth economic zone. Record number of around 50,000 national and international visitors everyday with an estimated 20 million visitors and more per year. These numbers go up exponentially to as high as 90,000 to 100,000 visitors per day during holidays/peak times.

2. Equal traffic and popularity in both recession times and boom times as on both occasion Lord Venkateshwara is 1st one to be remembered by many devotees. This ensures lifelong tourism and is set to increase year by year.

3. No matching quality 3 star category serviced hotel rooms in Tirupati as of now and that too king size 1 BHK & 2 BHK where groups/families can stay together in lap of star hotel luxury.

4. No suitable hotels with more than 100 suites at one place for corporate tourism where many MNC’s and IT companies from Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad will find it rewarding to hold strategy meetings, distributors award nights off site meetings, conventions to give the opportunity to many employees to combine their work& spiritual life.

5. The proposed development like SEZ for IT/ITES, Pharma University and Medical College, Tourism Township, Urban Entertainment Center, Mega Tourism and Hospitality Complex, Eco-Park, New Satellite Township etc. will increase the floating population in Tirupati.

6. Temples of India Project – A unique project already volunteered by big group at Rs. 355 crores to set up a huge complex replicating 180 main and popular temples of India along with food courts, childrens theme parks and other facilities.

7. Ban on any fresh constructions On The Hill – With this decision, no chance of any big hotel of Starlit size possible at all and even in the heart of city, very difficult to get such big parcel of land. These dynamics itself will make this highly successful.

8. High-end business environment, large scale employment, enhancement of spending capacity and demand for better lifestyle facilities are expected in Tirupati which shall demand newer economic development in Tirupati.

9. Corporate groups increasingly looking for convention and training facilities at Tirupati.

10. Chittoor & Naidupet areas are developing as industrial corridors with numbers of SEZ’s, Industrial Parks and International Sea Port.

11. Tirupati is becoming a preferred weekend destination, most of the hotel groups are searching for suitable lands to establish Hotels and Convention facilities at Tirupati but unable to find easily. This resulted in cramming of present hotels and that too not to the satisfaction of all as they are not high standards.

12. Below mega industries near Tirupati are set to alter the dynamics of Tirupati once for all in near future – 

a. HNG Auto Industrial Park – 600 acre

b. 6000 crore NTPC-BHEL Power Plant near Tirupati at Mannavaram. Recently, the Prime Minister laid the foundation for this 5000 MW power plant.

c. Hindustan National Glass – 1000 crore factory

d. Mei Ta Industrial Company, Taiwan – 600 crore auto component plant

e. 3500 crore CAPARO – Auto and Aerospace Manufacturing Component at Naidupet

f. 1000 crore Coal Beneficiation Plant near Naidupet.

g. Apache Footwear – India’s footwear SEZ spread on 314 acres

h. Textile and Apparel SEZ on 714 acres to Sri Lankan company MAS Holdings

i. 1100 crore project by Chennai’s RKKR Group

j. Leather products SEZ by Bharatiya International Ltd. at a cost of 650 crore.


This tower is conceived / constructed & offered by one of the reputed builders of South India and top in Andhra Pradesh. After receiving 100% payment over a period of 2 years, the units will be handed over for initial period of 15 years (plus renewable period of 5 years after 15 years) to one of the leading serviced hotel suites operator named Starlit Group (on the lines of operators like Oakwood and Frasers of international fame). Thereafter Starlit will employ manpower (anywhere from 50 to 100 depending on situation) and deploy substantial working capital and run the building on revenue sharing basis which gives the investor secured annual returns which are paid out month after month. Please go through the Income Projections table at the end of this article.

Who could be the beneficiaries?

i)  Anyone with the capability to invest own funds as low as Rs.40 lakhs.

ii)  Anyone who has a bank loan eligibility & is able to bring 30-40% of the cost from own funds.

iii)  All families looking for fixed & secure monthly income. Girls who may be getting married after 2-4 years.

iv)  Professionals, businessmen, about to retire and retired employees.

NRIs Visiting India:

Imagine an NRI buying this asset in his name & assigning income to his parents in India. What else can be better than having a 4 star accommodation on his visit to India with facility to even cook / warm light meals/snacks right in the heart of the city, having 24 hours room service with bar & restaurant in the same tower is a blessing (7 days per unit per year complimentary with breakfast). What’s more, Starlit and G & C will be bringing a string of such properties across the country in phases and since individual owners of Starlit Suites have complementary stay of 7 days each year, they can even choose the location as per convenience as interchanging complementary stay between other Starlit Suites locations is allowed (Normally 4 out of 7 days per unit per year can be anywhere in the country subject to availability at the time of booking).

Offer Details :

Please read this detailed and most exhaustive offer document meant exclusively for G&C patrons and their families, relatives and their social contacts. This offer document is covered in 3 sections. Below sections will cover entire data and also calculations describing how the monthly income is generated. G&C has exclusive mandate for this offer and to structure similar tie-ups with top builders of each capital city.

a) Builders profile.

b) Starlit Group’s profile and business model.

c) Investment offer from G&C.

d) Booking Amount & Payment Terms.

Feature List

  • Concierge Services
  • Rooftop Swimming pool on 12th floor
  • Gymnasium/Spa
  • Intercom Facility
  • Luggage & Shopping Cart
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • 100% Power Backup
  • Restaurant/Coffee Lounge
  • Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Individual Kitchenette


This builder has proven track-record of excellence in the real estate sector for 3 decades and have reached commanding positions in the construction industry..Their projects include some of the outstanding Gated community Villas, multistoried residential complexes and Commercial complexes in and around twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It would not be an exaggeration that some of the gated villa communities and layouts of the group have become landmarks in Hyderabad City and are standing example of luxury and functionality. These properties have always appreciated substantially.

For detailed profile of them please see the “Miscellaneous” tab / link at the end of this article.


Please scroll down and view the links for the operator’s profile presentation.



Through exclusive tie-up with G&C as their principal marketing channel partners the builder is offering a limited number of units out of 144 total units.

Rs. 40.8 lakhs to Rs. 59.12 lakhs inclusive of registration and 100% fit outs as per list at the bottom of this article and registration as applicable on date.

No additional premium for floor rise, premium location etc., as all units will give equal returns to every owner.


Below is one of the biggest attraction for anyone and particularly NRIs and out station investors to invest in this besides income motive.

The Owner by himself, his family or personal guests at any time from time to time during the term of this agreement shall have the right to use and occupy any similar Apartment free of cost for 7 days in a year, subject to availability. The entitlement can be cumulative up to 14 days. Up to 7 days in a year, Owner can stay in any of the similar properties managed by the Manager across India, subject to availability. However accumulated number of days, if any, can only be utilized in the home location. The Owner, his family and personal guests will check in and out of the unit with the Manager at the beginning and end of their occupancy of the Apartment. Apartment may be occupied only if an adult (a person 21 years of age or older) is also in occupancy.

Beyond 7 days, owner shall pay the requisite charges on the applicable tariff subject to availability. The charges for stay shall be paid by the Owner, or shall be adjusted out of the rental share, if any payable to the Owner, or recovered otherwise.

So imagine having 3 units- Means 21 star hotel nights free with complimentary breakfast and hence particularly NRI will find it is ultra luxury to stay at different places where starlit is operative and which will eventually will be there at atleast more than 20 key cities of India


If investor wants to resell his unit due to his personal reasons , he can do so but obligations of new buyer will be on below lines:

Owner shall have the right to sell/ transfer/gift/will etc. the said Apartment to any Third Party as he may deem fit at any time during the agreement Period and the operator  shall have no objection in this regard. However, the Owner shall ensure that the purchaser/transferee of the said Apartment shall adhere to and comply with all the terms and obligations of this Agreement and shall become the Owner. Without the formal NOC by the Operator, the owner will not transfer the rights to the new purchaser/transferee. In such case the operator  shall endorse this Agreement in favor of such new Owner and pay the rental of the apartment as stated above to such Owner. Further the operator shall attorn to the new Owner with respect to this Agreement and shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


10% for booking & 10% against agreement in 2 – 3 weeks from booking. Balance 80% linked to construction progress spread over 1.5 – 2 years. Please see complete payment schedule and terms in the links at the end of this article.

Prices and sizes as a ready reckoner (price is including registration)

  a) 1 BHK of  843 Sft –  Rs. 40.8 lakhs (Inclusive of 50 sft balcony, 1 basement car park, and registration charges) – Booking Amount : Rs.3.65 Lakhs (registration charges are excluded for this purpose)

  b) 2 BHK of 1224 Sft –  Rs. 59.12 lakhs (Inclusive of 50 sft balcony, 1 basement car park, and registration charges) – Booking Amount : Rs.5.30 Lakhs (registration charges are excluded for this purpose)


Just by investing own funds of Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.17 lakhs one can acquire an asset of Rs.40.8 lakhs to Rs.59.12 lakhs by taking a home loan where the EMI is going to be met out of monthly income that the project generates.This way you can expect the unit to be free in 8-9 years max by paying off loan and by that time asset would have also appreciated by atleast 150% – 200% and returns against your own funds deployed is then technically 600% plus in 9 years. (that is the Rs.40.8 lakhs asset you avail by taking a loan and investing your own funds of Rs.12 lakhs will become atleast Rs.90 lakhs plus by 9th year and debt free. Thus giving 6 times return on your own invested funds. It’s the same with bigger size investment.

1) Once you take loan as above, the same gets cleared in 9 years max. Which means a Rs. 40 lakhs to 60 akhs asset becomes free in 9 years just by paying Rs.12 to 17 lakhs own funds.

2) On top of above, a Rs.40.8 lakhs unit is expected to fetch more than double the price of around Rs. 90 lakhs plus, if resold once loan is cleared.

3) One can also resell same anytime they want as new person will be bound by same old agreement terms of Starlit.

4) Starlit is keen to start as early as possible as they have already finished their marketing tie-ups with potential companies.

View above, one can take more than 1 unit and in fact many of our patrons who missed out earlier have indicated interest in 2 or 3 units.


This project is pre-approved by leading banks like HDFC, Axis Bank etc. and we can assist you in applying for the loan as a complimentary service through our sister concern – MoneyTree Financial Services,which specialises in home loans & you may contact Sridhar Kumar ( | +91 96866 27071) for complete assistance on fast track as one needs to get the loan sanctioned immediately as construction activities have already commenced and in fact to save your time, you may start the process right away to get pre-sanction of your loan.


7 days per year complimentary stay for owner which means an NRI or any Indian can now think of being on his own in 3/4 star hotel ambience where he can call his guests to entertain as Starlit Suites will be fully equipped with gadgets including refrigerator, oven, cooking range & cutlery to entertain plus the attraction being well connected to any corner of  Tirupati in max.

Further, wherever Starlit Group operates in similar format anywhere in India, 4 days out of these 7 days can also be used on same basis subject to availability.

In addition to above, one can accumulate 2 years entitlement up to 14 days and out of same 7 days can be in other than mother location (In this case mother location is Tirupati).

Just for your idea Starlit Group is in the process of adding 3000 to 4000 units in next 5 years across India in all important cities and abroad which means one can move around multiple locations. Above is an absolute blessing for NRIs and employees/businessmen located out of India as now they can visit Tirupati in style and free of cost (3/4 star accommodation will not be less than Rs. 7000/ per day for similar kind of suite).The facility can be availed by investor or his nominated relative or friend as special privilege.


1. Once all 144 units are completely constructed, furnished and fitted out as per list below, investors will take over the same by completing their registration & hand over the physical possession to Starlit Suites.

2. By this time Starlit Suits would have lined up their manpower (expected to be between 70 to 100) and equipment along with hardware and software and sinking substantial working capital and will start renting out to corporate clients on extended stay basis.

3. For the first 2 years, the operator incurs massive overheads until operations stabilization, and hence 40% of gross earnings of entire complex will be divided and distributed among all 144 owners independent of whether a particular unit is occupied or not.

Average occupancy taken into consideration is 70% although operator is confident of achieving more & more progressively in subsequent years.

4. From 3rd year, operator is committed to share 50% gross receipts of entire complex.

The above translates (by calculating backward on investment) to an outstanding return of 9-10 % minimum in beginning itself going right above 20% by last year. However as mentioned, Starlit wants to be conservative and as per our assessment this returns may even start at 10% plus.

To understand how above calculations are arrived at, please see the enclosed income projection sheet for all 15 years lease period.


Very rare to get such safe fixed returns property and is only 1st of its kind in India.

1. Finding an asset which yields increasing returns at under Rs.40.8 to 59.12 lakhs bracket is impossible.

On most conservative basis following are returns paid on MONTHLY BASIS ON 25th of following month:

9-10 % by 1st year (without considering the abrupt hike in capital appreciation of asset in 1st 3 years)

13% – 14% by 5th year

19% – 23% by 15th year.

if one takes into consideration first 3 years capital appreciation into combined effect as in first 5-6 years asset may almost double in value. Above average returns works out to 30% in 1st and 2nd years alone and hence is a NO – BRAINER Investment asset for any family looking forsecured life with regular hassle free income (unlike individual management of residential flat where one has to find tenant and collect rent etc., every month and then face the uncertainties of sudden vacation of flat and maintenance responsibility once in a while etc.).

That too steady income unlike other schemes where income might fluctuate wildly (also, uniqueness to be noted is payment is on monthly basis accompanied by auditors certificate for every 3 months auditing entire revenue pool for the tower)

On optimistic basis, we tend to believe below returns after knowing their market study:

10-11% by 1st year besides capital appreciation effect as above

16% plus by 5th year

25% plus by 15th year.

Above means a resale value of Rs.57 – 63 lakhs capital valuation for your unit after 5 years, Rs.73 to 102 lakhs by 9th year and Rs. 115 to 130 lakhs by 15th year and so on .

As promoter of G&C, I am happy to see that lots of our investors’ who dreamt of investing in good asset for high monthly returns finally can choose this asset with ZERO risk as all along we have not been able to get them the same as there are no safe opportunities in this bracket.


At the time of booking/signing agreement one has to sign an undertaking that they are buying this asset in conditionally agreement to lease the same to Starlit for 15 years with further renewal period option of 5 years.

Agreement Signing :

a) Builders agreement to be signed against 20% of total cost.

b) Simultaneously rental pool management agreement with Starlit Group is to be signed. This will also cover investors rights to resell and continuation of same terms by new buyer etc.,

c) Any other relevant documents to safeguard.


Since for the first time in India any Indian or NRI is getting golden chance to invest outside their hometown with ultimate choice of stay coupled with stunning monthly income for life, G&C for the first time has enabled & equipped all the branch heads / regional coordinators in India as below. You may feel free to contact any one of them but incase of any confusion, you may call our GM – Andhra Pradesh – Mr.Mallik as below or Chairman of G&C directly :

 Mr. Mallik. P | GM Business Development – AP | E-mail: | Mob: 9948668499 Mr. Divyendhu Chowdary | Head – Retail & Hospitality | Email: | Mob: 9980319639
 Mr. Sitaram. S | Group Advisor – Chennai | E-mail: | Mob: 9444481810 Mr. Venkatesh | Sr Manager – Business Development – HYD | E-mail: | Mob: 8886166026
 Mr. Dorai Raj | Branch Coordinator – Hosur | E-mail: | Mob: 88208 30555 Mr. Baby Varghese | Regional Coordinator – Kerala | E-mail: | Mob: 9447146765
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