High Monthly Rental Income Generating Hotel Apartments at

Earn Rental Income of Rs.55,000 to 60,000 per month by investing in Serviced Hotel Apartments in Tirupati  – one of the most visited Spiritual / Pilgrimage Destinations in the World

This serviced hotel apartment asset gives you rental income of Rs.55,000 to 60,000 per month on an investment of just Rs.68 lakhs (payable in instalments over 3 months)


4x Greater Rental Income
than Normal Apartments

Exploding Demand for
Hotel Apartments in India

Managed by India’s Leading
Hotel Apartment Operator

Already Operating @
Bangalore & Cochin

Home Loans Available
from Leading Banks

Huge Tax Savings (80C & 24)
Upto Rs.3,50,000 p.a.

Enjoy FREE Stays Every Year
7 Free Days across India

Zero Maintenance Asset
with 20 Year Lease

Outstanding Location
Bang in the center of Tirupati

Construction is 90% Complete

. Updated on 1st August 2017 – Finishing Works In Progress .

Completion Expected by January / February 2018

August 2017 - Finishing Works Underway

Table of Contents

For your quick reference, this entire offer document is organised in the below manner :

  • What is Starlit Suites / Serviced Hotel Apartment concept?
  • Why Should I Invest in Serviced Hotel Apartments ?
  • How does this asset generate high monthly rental income?
  • What are the biggest benefits of this investment?
  • What makes this income so predictable & stable?
  • How much demand do such serviced hotel apartments have?
  • Starlit Suites – Operator Profile
  • What are my exit options from this investment & how easy is it to exit?
  • How this asset becomes free in 8 Years if you invest using a Home Loan
  • Who can benefit from investing in these hotel apartments by Starlit Suites?
  • Where is this coming up in Tirupati? What are the advantages of the location?
  • Builder Profile and Background
  • Financials – Returns Matrix, Payment Schedule, Booking Amounts & Home Loans
  • Documentation Involved & Booking Process
  • Contact Details of Our Team Members for Further Info or Bookings

Earn Rs.55,000 to Rs.60,000 per month

on an Investment of Rs.68 lakhs paid over 3 months

What is Starlit Suites / Serviced Hotel Apartment Concept?

Starlit Suites is a leading 3 star serviced hotel apartment operator of India and by investing in their hotel apartments in Hyderabad and other major cities, you can earn highest monthly income of Rs.55,000 to 60,000 per month on lowest investment of just Rs.68 lakhs.


  • You invest in a fully furnished, fully air-conditioned and fully serviced hotel apartment (1 BHK / 2 BHK) that will be built to the standards of a 3 star hotel.
  • The unit is owned completely by you (registered in your name just like any other apartment) but is operated and managed by Starlit Suites Group and marketed to the leading Indian corporates and MNCs in India as a 3 star extended stay serviced hotel apartment.
  • The operator already has rate contracts and formal tie-ups with over 200 leading companies in India – including many Fortune 500 firms such as Cisco, Dell, HP, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc – whos’ employees stay in these hotel apartments when they travel on work, thus giving the operator assured business / occupancy throughout the year.
  • The total gross revenue generated by all the units in the entire hotel apartment tower is then shared in a 50:50 ratio between you (the investor/owner) and Starlit Suites (the operator).
  • This means you earn rental return of 10% to 12% in the beginning – which is 4 times greater than rental income from normal apartments or villas – and the income grows to as much as 20% per annum over time.
  • The operator Starlit Suites is a leading player in his category and is currently managing hotel apartments at Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Cochin & Neemrana, with towers under construction at 8 more cities of India. You can view their complete profile in the “Annexure” section at the end of this page.

Continue reading to know more and also see the “ANNEXURE” section at the end of this offer document for exhaustive information on income projections, payment schedule, location map, floor plans and much more.

Located right in the middle of Tirupati

Starlit Suites Tirupati is located right in the heart of Tirupati and is just 6 minutes from the Main Bus Stand and 10 minutes from the Railway Station.

Starlit Suites Tirupati is part of a 10 acre residential complex – 6 acres of row homes / villas (fully operational) & 4 acres of residential apartments, of which Starlit Suites is one building.

Why should I invest in Serviced Hotel Apartments?

So far, the only way most of us could earn regular monthly income was to purchase an apartment, villa or shop space and rent it out.

But through these traditional assets, you cannot earn more than 2% to 3% ROI per annum (maybe 5% to 7% in case of shop or office space).

After you back out income tax and inflation, you end up with almost NEGLIGIBLE or in most cases, NEGATIVE INCOME – i.e. you lose money every year, making such assets a very unproductive and dead investment.

To add to the pain, you also have to go through the trouble of finding a tenant, negotiating rents, maintaining the property, collection of rents on time, loss of income when property goes unoccupied, etc. to name a few, all of which make such investments a very inefficient and bothersome way of earning regular monthly income.

Of course some classy commercial assets may give you 8% to 10% ROI p.a. if you are lucky to find such an asset but even in such a case, you would need to invest nothing less than Rs.3 to 5 crores, which may not be practical for most of us.

Now that these serviced hotel apartments are available, you must start of by investing in atleast 1 unit as these will give you 12% to 20% ROI p.a. – which is 4 to 5 times greater income than rental income from traditional apartments and villas – but without any of the associated hassles described above.

The biggest benefits of investing in a serviced hotel apartment are :

4 Times Greater Rental Income than that of Normal Apartments or Villas

Purchasing a regular apartment and then renting it out will only give you 2% to 3.5% returns per annum. In comparison, serviced apartments give you 10% to 20% ROI per annum.

No Maintenance Charges + Stress-Free Management

These hotel apartments are managed & maintained completely by the operator at his cost – thus freeing you of the hassles involved in renting out property on your own.

Tried & Tested Model + Exploding Demand for Hotel Apartments

Over 380 investors round the world are already reaping benefits of this investment as Starlit Suites – with their rich experience of 37 years in hotel industry – has perfected this model over the last 6 years and is successfully operating 4 hotel apartments at Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Kochi.

Highly Affordable Price & Relaxed Payment Schedules

2 BHK @ Rs.68 lakhs (all inclusive) which itself is payable in instalments, making this very affordable. You also get home loans from leading banks for upto 60% of unit cost, which means you pay just 40% or Rs.28 lakhs from your pocket and rest is funded by bank.

Timely & Automated Payment of Monthly Income to Your Bank Account

Each month’s income is credited directly to your bank account through ECS on the 25th of the following month, making collection of rent a stress-free and automated experience. You don’t have to worry about timely payments or collection and encashments of cheques etc.

Seven Days Free Stay at Starlit Suites

– You get 7 days free stay for 1 unit owned by you per year with complimentary breakfast.
– Out of this, 4 days can be at any location where Starlit is operating and balance 3 days can be availed at the location where you have invested (in this case, Tirupati).
– You can accumulate the same for 2 years and also can gift free stays to family, friends and colleagues.

Asset Pays for Itself & Becomes Free in 8 Years

Unlike a normal apartment where EMI is 3 to 4 times greater than rental income, incase of serviced apartments, income is always greater than EMI and hence the project pays for itself and due to such excess income, you will recover your entire initial investment (i.e.40% of unit cost) within 8 years.

Chance to Acquire Property in Prime Locations

Apart from monthly income, you are also going to earn capital gains as you are acquiring an asset in very prime and key commercial localities of key cities of India. Normally, it would not be possible to acquire such prime property at such low ticket sizes and because of this, you will also enjoy tremendous capital gains in addition to high monthly income.

Masterplan of Starlit Suites Tirupati
(part of a 10 acre mixed use residential development, consisting of row homes and apartments)

How does Starlit Suites serviced apartment generate such high monthly rental income?

Starlit Suites operates in the following manner to generate high monthly rental income for you :

  1. A serviced hotel apartment tower is constructed by a leading builder, on a built to suit basis, with all the facilities of a 3 star hotel.
    A typical tower includes gym, pool, bar & restaurant, meeting rooms, etc. on ground and 1st floor. From the 2nd floor onwards, the tower consists of Studio, 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK units (the mix of inventory varies at each location based on demand), which are fully furnished to support extended stays with facilities like microwave, cooktop, fridge, etc.
  2. Individual investors like yourself would buy 1 or multiple units which will be owned by you and at the time of booking itself, you and other investors are also required to compulsorily enter into a 20 year rental management agreement with Starlit Suites (the hotel operator), as this asset is only meant only for you to earn high monthly income and not for end-use / self-occupation.
  3. The price that you pay for the unit is all inclusive – that is, basic cost of the unit plus cost of furniture, fitouts, taxes, deposits, registration and stamp duty.
  4. Since these hotel apartments are categorised as residential property in most locations, you can also apply for a home loan through which upto 60% of unit cost can be funded via the loan and you need to pay just 40% from your own funds, making this highly affordable and easy on your finances.
  5. Like any other residential apartment, you pay the cost of the unit in instalments linked to progress of construction, which means even the 40% that you have to pay from your own funds, can be paid in instalments.
  6. Once construction is complete, the unit is registered in your name and will be completely owned solely by you forever and will be inherited by your children like any other traditional apartment or villa. After registration, you along with all other unit owners in this hotel apartment will then handover your respective units to Starlit Suites (the operator).
  7. Starlit Suites (the operator) will then bring in their back end infrastructure, manpower and invest working capital to run this hotel apartment and rent out the units for a long stay to India’s leading corporates and MNCs (including Fortune 500 companies) with whom Starlit Suites (the operator) has rate contracts that pre determine demand for the rooms across the country. A typical stay in these extended stay hotel apartments lasts for around 10 – 14 days.
  8. The total gross income from renting all the units in the hotel apartment tower is pooled into one single account at the end of each month and then 50% of such total income is distributed equally among all investors – ofcourse based on the proportion of area owned by them in the tower like Studio, 1 BHK or 2 BHK.
    * For the 1st & 2nd year, you are given 40% of total income and from 3rd year onwards, you are given 50% of total income. This is done as operator incurs massive expenditure in marketing & promoting the new building in the beginning and is hence given 60% of the total income in the 1st & 2nd year and from 3rd year onwards, the total income is shared equally in a 50:50 ratio between you (the investor) and operator.
  9. Your share of the above 50% of total revenue paid out to all the unit owners will translate into an ROI of approx 8% in the first year, 12% by the 3rd year and will grow to as high as 20% by the 20th year of operations which is 4 times greater than the rental income of a regular apartment or villa (which ranges between 2.5% to 3% at the best).
  10. Since entire building’s income is pooled into a single bucket and then divided among all unit owners, you will earn as much income as any other similar unit owner in the building irrespective of whether your own unit is occupied or not.
  11. Also, since you and other unit owners are being given 50% of the TOTAL / GROSS income (that is, the total revenue before any expenditure incurred by the operator for running the hotel apartments are deducted) you will always earn high rental income irrespective of the expenses incurred by the operator.
    In other words, your income does NOT depend on the expenditure incurred in running these hotel apartments and hence you do not have to bother about its profitability as you will earn your high monthly income irrespective of the same.
  12. Your share of the rental income will be credited to your bank account every month through ECS credit (normally 25th of every month for the previous month’s income), creating a high passive income stream that needs absolutely no maintenance or monitoring.

Enjoy 7 FREE Star Nights per Year

As an investor, you get 7 nights free stay per unit per year, with complimentary breakfast. Out of the 7 nights, 4 nights can be used in any location in India, where Starlit Suites has a property (they have targeted 32 locations across the country).

Photos of a Typical Starlit Suites Room

These are actual photos of Starlit Suites Cochin tower which started generating income from August 2016 – our 2nd tower to become operational, after our 1st tower at Bangalore which started generating income in 2015.

Zero Operational Expenses to the Investor

The beauty of this model is that the investor does not bear any costs incurred in running the property. Below costs are completely borne by the operator

    Staff salaries, electricity and water costs, licenses, etc are completely under the purview of the operator and hence will NOT be paid by the investor.

    The unit is purchased with the furniture, appliances and fitouts included, which are executed by the operator to ensure highest quality. However, incase of any damage to the items, they are replaced at the cost of the operator only and hence you as an investor need not worry about the quality and safety of your furniture.

    The operator takes complete responsibility of maintaining the property on the lines of a 3 / 4 star accommodation to ensure highest occupancy. This automatically ensures the highest upkeep of your property and strong capital values and appreciation.

What are the biggest additional benefits?

Besides earning 4 times greater income than that of traditional apartments or villas with zero maintenance on your part, you can also enjoy below additional benefits :

  1. Seven Days Free Complimentary Stay at Starlit Suites

     – You get 7 days free stay for 1 unit owned by you per year with complimentary breakfast.
    – Out of this, 4 days can be at any location where Starlit is operating and balance 3 days can be availed at the location where you have invested (in this case, Tirupati).
    – You can accumulate the same for 2 years and also can gift free stays to family, friends and colleagues.
    Due to this unique feature, many industrialists, IT company owners and budding entrepreneurs from abroad and India having or setting pan India operations are taking full advantage by investing in multiple units at various locations as this way, they can save cost to the company besides rewarding vendors, associates, loyal employees and so on by utilizing their 7 days free stay benefit for every unit owned by them.
    For example, one of our investors has decided to invest in atleast 36 units over the next 2 years, which will give him combined free stays for 252 days in a year which he can use across Tier 1 and 2 cities of India, besides earning a massive stream of monthly income.


  2. Chance to Acquire Property in Prime Commercial Locations

    Apart from monthly income, you are also going to earn capital gains as you are acquiring an asset in very prime and key commercial localities of key cities of India. Normally, it would not be possible to acquire such prime property at such low ticket sizes and because of this, you will also enjoy tremendous capital gains in addition to high monthly income.

  3. Once in a lifetime opportunity for HNIs and professionals to spread their capital in small ticket sizes across most diversified markets of India

    This concept is an excellent way for you to build a diversified portfolio of assets by investing small amounts in multiple locations, which is a lot less risky than investing all your money into a single asset or city which is a very dangerous way to invest, as experienced by many in the past.

What makes this income so predictable and stable?

In other words, what is the guarantee that I will earn the income that is being showcased here and what if it does not work? What can go wrong?

This model is tried and tested and has been running successfully for the last few years at Delhi, Pune and Bangalore with Cochin being the latest signature tower to become operational.

Also, the below 5 features make it a foolproof investment where all your interests as an investor are safe guarded and no one can manipulate your investment and returns.

1. Stable & Predictable Demand Locked-In In Advance

  • The operator has already established relationships with many MNCs (and signed definitive rate contracts with a good number of top notch companies among them), many of which are Fortune 500 companies, unlike most hotels where there is no way to safely predict the occupancy levels in advance.
    For example, if HCL Chennai executive tours any other key city of India where Starlit has operations, the company (HCL) books his or her accommodation centrally and directly with Starlit Suites as they have annual rate contract and the same executive cannot book any other hotel directly ensuring predictable and almost guaranteed occupancy.
  • Due to these annual rate contracts with many such established companies, the operator can safely predict and assume consistent and healthy occupancy levels, which in turn ensure consistent and high monthly income to you as projected in their income projections.
  • You can view a short list of some of their marquee clients in the operator profile available at the end of the page in the annexures section.
  • This also acts as a virtual guarantee to the fact that the operator will almost always deliver as per his initial income projections (this income projection sheet is available at the end of this page in the annexures area).

2. Gross Income Sharing : No Scope for Operator to Cheat You

You are given 50% of Gross Income before any expenses are deducted by the Operator and hence there is no scope for manipulation of your income as you are getting 50% of total income BEFORE any expenses are deducted – making your income independent of running expenses incurred by the operator. This means operator cannot inflate expenses and show less profit to try and cheat you etc.

3. You Earn Income Irrespective of Whether Your Unit is Rented Out or Not

Irrespective of whether your particular unit is rented out or not, you will still earn as much as every other unit owner in the building as the entire building’s revenue is pooled into one single bucket and then divided equally among all unit owners. Hence, you need not worry about whether or not your individual unit gets rented out or not.

4. Audited Statements Issued to You every 3 Months

Once every 3 months, you are given a statement of income of the entire Starlit Suites hotel apartment which is audited and certified by a chartered accountant. An account of the rooms occupied per night, average room rental charged and overall occupancy is shared with all investors. This along with above aspect of sharing of gross income will ensure the highest level of transparency as this leaves no scope for operator to manipulate accounts in any manner.

5. No Cash Transactions

Since the accounts are always settled directly by the companies in most occasions or through the occupant’s credit card, there is hardly any scope for manipulating the occupancy and thereby hiding the income. Even incase of private bookings by let’s say marriage parties, tourists, a very clear operating procedure at the front desk has been established by the operator to eliminate any unaccounted occupancy.

How much demand do such serviced / hotel apartments have?

There is a growing trend of business travellers & corporates choosing Serviced Hotel Apartments over traditional star hotels due to the following main reasons :


  • The operator’s main target audience is the corporate traveler (usually travelling for training, conferences, exhibitions, short term projects, etc.) where the typical stay lasts for around 10 – 14 days and can even extend up to 6 months to 1 year.
  • Such long term travellers would always prefer a serviced hotel apartment over a traditional hotel when staying for extended periods of time because they can cook their own meals, order room delivery of food from their favorite restaurant and entertain guests in their rooms.
  • And they can enjoy all of this with an ambiance similar to a 3 star hotel, but in much bigger rooms with more space giving the comfortable home away from home feel.


  • The companies paying for the travel would also prefer serviced hotel apartments as the same are much more reasonably priced when compared to a traditional hotel (sometimes costing as less as half the cost of a normal hotel), especially when staying for extended periods.
  • The operator also complies with their requirements for fire and safety measures, ensuring highest safety for their employees in line with corporate insurance policies.
  • This coupled with the close proximity of these hotel apartments to major IT/ITES, finance & other business hubs, is greatly contributing to the increasing demand for such corporate serviced residences.

Operator Profile and Experience

To understand their leading position in India in this segment and their unique strengths to ensure good monthly income in the long run, you must read their profile : Click Here to View Starlit Suites’ Operator Profile

Who is the Competition?

  • As on date, there are no established serviced hotel apartment chains of this magnitude and in this category with either dedicated or multiple properties across the country.
  • Serviced apartments have mostly been boutique businesses with no large organized chains or brands. Starlit Suites is the first such national chain and is leading the market as a domestic brand.
  • The bigger hotel / hospitality brands in India are focused entirely on the hotel side of the industry which is completely different from serviced apartments in terms of target travellers, room rates, length of stay, amenities and facilities.
  • The only other comparable hotel apartment operators like Oakwood and Frasers are focused on the high end serviced apartments category which are almost as expensive as 4 or 5 star hotels and cater to the niche luxury segment, whereas Starlit Suites focuses purely on value segment from corporate world (equivalent of a 3 star hotel) which has a much larger audience and consistent (rather, growing) volumes year after year.

There are no similar and reliable models for income generation in India.

Moreover, Starlit Suites is exclusive to G&C’s patrons, thereby making it impossible to get similar opportunities elsewhere.

What are my exit options from this investment and how easy is it to exit?

You can sell your unit to any 3rd party at any point of time and exit with substantial capital gains, in addition to the monthly income that you would have earned until then. The 3rd party must continue with Starlit Suites for the remaining period of the contract.

Below points will show you why its easy to sell such properties as there is a high demand for such high monthly rental income generating assets in India.

1. Greater Appreciation of Capital Value than Normal Residential Assets:

As these apartments are fully furnished, fully air-conditioned and fully serviced and come with a long lease with high monthly income, these apartments will appreciate a lot more in capital values  when compared to normal residential apartments or villas.

2. Income based Premium Selling Price

  • There are literally 1000s of investors who will happily invest in any asset that gives them more than 9% to 10% regular monthly income – which this hotel apartment exceeds by a large margin.
  • Therefore, a few years down the line when your asset is earning over 14% to 15% ROI per annum, you will be able to sell your unit for 50% premium over your initial purchase price as even after paying this 50% premium, the new buyer will still earn ROI of 10% to 12% on his invested capital.
  • What more, in those first 5 to 6 years of operation by which time ROI per annum would have reached 15%, you would have also earned rental income equivalent to 50% of the total unit cost, thus giving you 100% returns in 5 to 6 years.
    Example :
    Assume you purchased a hotel apartment in Starlit Suites for Rs.30 lakhs. 5 years after income begins, you would be earning atleast 14% to 15% p.a. which means an income of Rs.45,000 per month. If you were to sell your unit at Rs.45 lakhs, the new buyer would still earn Rs.45,000/Rs.45 lakhs = 12% ROI per annum. Hence, you can easily sell your unit at 50% premium. In addition to this 50% capital gains, you would also have accumulated Rs.15 lakhs plus cumulative income after 5 to 6 years of operation, making total gains of Rs.30 lakhs plus, thus recovering 100% of unit cost in 5 to 6 years of operation.

3. Additional Premium while Selling as Buyer Gets Income from Day 1 of Investment

When you decide to exit in the future, the apartment would already be earning steady and high monthly income and you would have a bank statement to prove the same. The person who is buying this asset from you would start earning rental income immediately (i.e. from Day 1 of his investment) and thus would be willing to pay you a premium to acquire such a proven asset from you.

4. Massive Demand for High Monthly Income Generating Investments in India

  • The maximum you can earn from a fixed deposit or any other traditional monthly income investment such as mutual funds, post office schemes, provident fund or even normal residential properties is 6% to 8%.
  • These hotel apartments on the other hand will give you 10% to 12% on an average in the beginning itself and a few years down the line when you plan to exit, they could be generating as high as 14% to 16% ROI in say 5 to 6 years.
  • Hence investors would queue-up outside your door to acquire such a high income generating asset from you as there are no other safer, stable and predictable income alternatives in India.
  • We at G&C have consistently received enquiries from many conservative / elderly investors who are happy and enthused about acquiring assets that give them as less as just 6% to 7% ROI p.a. as they are more bothered about safety of their capital and steady income and hence are ok with lower returns as well.

5. Home Loans make these Hotel Apartments Highly Affordable

  • Since these hotel apartments can be funded via home loans which are easy to procure nowadays (upto 60% of unit value can be funded via loan), they become highly affordable to many investors as they need to pay just 40% from their pockets as down payment.
  • And since the income from these apartments is higher than the EMI you pay on the above loan, it becomes a very self sustaining asset which pays for itself – where you don’t have to pay too much from your pocket beyond the initial downpayment and infact, you can even recover your entire initial investment in 7 to 8 years time.
  • Due to this ease of investing and low ticket sizes, there is a huge market for these hotel apartments which give high returns on a low investment.

Complimentary Stay across India

Bonus Feature for NRIs Visiting India

  • As an investor in this project, you get 7 nights of complimentary stay with breakfast per unit per year.
  • Out of these 7 nights, you can spend 4 nights at any of Starlit Suites locations (the operator aims to have a total of 32 locations covered in the 7 to 8 years).
  • That is, if you invest in Starlit Suites Tirupati, you can use all the 7 free nights at this location or you can also use upto 4 nights at any other location such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi-Neemrana, Cochin, Pune, Shirdi, Pune, Trivandrum and many more in pipeline.
  • You can also gift these free nights to your family, friends, colleagues and business associates – which is one reason why many industrialists / BPO / IT companies are showing keen interest to acquire multiple units across India as they can always take pride of offering all their employees / vendors / associates / visiting dignitaries a complimentary stay whereby they enjoy dual advantage of cutting costs and earning very high income year after year.
  • Any unused free nights can be rolled over to the next year (for a maximum of 2 years).
  • Imagine an NRI buying this asset in his name & assigning income to his parents in India. What else can be better than having a 3 star accommodation on his visit to India with facility to even cook / warm light meals / snacks right in the heart of the business districts and having 24 hours room service with a coffee shop & restaurant in the same tower – the most ideal and blissful way to enjoy their visit to India!
  • Further, the ultimate luxury could be getting one’s favourite food/savouries from the most popular food joint of the town through parcel service and getting it delivered to the room which is never allowed by star hotels, making this truly a home away from home for all those NRIs visiting their home towns and reliving the old memories.

Asset Becomes Free in 8 Years if You Invest using a Home Loan

If you invest in this hotel apartment using a home loan, the income from these hotel apartments will be greater than the EMI you pay on your loan – as the EMI you pay is calculated as 8.5% on 60% of the unit value, whereas you are earning income of 8% to 9% on the total value (i.e.100% of unit value) which will keep increasing every year.

Due to the excess income that is left remaining in your hands after you have paid the EMI, you will accumulate enough funds to recover your entire own investment of 40% in 8 years time.

Therefore, from the 8th year onwards, you will continue to earn monthly income FOR FREE as technically, you will continue earning high monthly income on ZERO investment – as you have already recovered the entire investment made from your own funds.

Therefore, investing in this hotel apartment using a home loan is the smartest way to create wealth and earn higher ROI in the long run.

Even if you can afford to pay the entire cost of unit from your own funds, it is financially more lucrative to invest using a home loan.

Who Can Benefit from Investing in these hotel apartments?

  • Any salaried professional or business owner who wants to develop a portfolio of strong assets that can help generate an increasing stream of high passive income to supplement their primary source of income and elevate their lifestyle.
  • All those NRIs who dream to return to India but are hesitant as they are unsure of or have no safe avenue to maintain the same lifestyle that they currently enjoy abroad, once they are back home in India.
  • All those veteran NRIs who have settled abroad (and have decided not to return to India as they are totally established in their country of residence abroad and even their children are never going to return to India) BUT at the same time, their heart is in India where given an opportunity, they would like to keep visiting by creating a hassle free high income generating asset to psychologically take care of their visits to India.
  • All those who dream of owning a chain of hotels or assets across India by investing in multiple micro assets across various top locations rather than sinking all their funds into a single asset and where entire property management is taking care off by the country’s leading professionals rather than having to manage these assets by themselves.
  • All those wanting to retire early or those who are about to retire and want to create a steady stream of stable, predictable and high monthly income.
  • All those who have recently retired and are unsure of investment opportunities that can generate safe and secure monthly income without having to lock-in their capital for a long time, which is the case with most of the options available today for those who want to earn monthly income – such as  fixed deposits, PF, finance or chit fund companies which provide low monthly returns, no capital appreciation and also block your funds for a very long time.
  • All those who have daughters who may be getting married in next 3 to 5 years as parents can empower their daughters and make them financially independent of the husband by gifting this high monthly income generating asset which acts as a safety net and compliments the daughter’s regular income. In comparison, the other traditional assets such as land/apartments/gold that parents generally tend to gift is of no real benefit to their daughter’s as such traditional assets provide no regular income and lie idle for long periods of time.

Income of Rs.55,000 to Rs.60,000 per month

on an Investment of Rs.68 lakhs paid over 3 months

Project Overview

 Near Bhimas, off Renigunta Highway

144 units spread across 12 Floors
10 acre mixed development project with apartments and villas

1 BHK (843 Sft) – Rs.47.42 Lakhs – SOLD OUT
 (1224 Sft) – Rs.68 Lakhs – SELLING FAST

Construction of tower is complete and furnishings are in progress. Set to be operational by February / March 2018.

All sanctions & approvals received and project is also pre-approved for loans by all top banks such as HDFC, ICICI, Axis and many more.

Location Advantage

Where in Tirupati is this serviced hotel apartment situated?

Located near Bhimas, just 800 meters from the Central Railway Station and Bus Stand, Starlit Suites boasts of one of the best locations in the town being located close to the town center, yet away from all the noise and dust. It is just 6 kms from the Venkateshwara Temple entrance.

Why Invest in Tirupati?

  • Tirupati is the most visited pilgrimage destination in the world. With an estimated 20 million plus visitors every year, Tirupati witnesses 50,000 visitors during off-peak season and as many as 90,000 to 100,000 visitors per day during holidays/peak times.
  • Tirupati witnesses equal traffic and popularity in both recession times and boom times as on both occasions, Lord Venkateshwara is 1st one to be remembered by many devotees, thus ensuring lifelong tourism which will only increase every year.
  • Highest Potential after AP Division – With the division of the state, Tirupati is set to lead the table in new AP in terms of industrial and educational developments including IIT already being announced. Tax breaks and incentives have also been announced to attract industries from Chennai and Bangalore to set up their operations in and around Tirupati – which will ultimately lead to more visitors and thus greater demand for more number of hotel rooms.
  • There are no matching quality 3 star category serviced hotel rooms in Tirupati as of now and that too of king size 1 BHK & 2 BHK where groups/families can stay together in lap of star hotel luxury – thus making Starlit Suites Tirupati a very promising investment.
  • There are no suitable hotels with more than 100 suites at one place for corporate tourism where many MNC’s and IT companies from Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad will find it rewarding to hold strategy meetings, distributors award nights off site meetings, conventions to give the opportunity to many employees to combine their work & spiritual life.
  • Rs.2000 crore Telecom Manufacturing Hub – The AP government has announced a 120 acre telecom park to set up mobile phone manufacturing facilities and factories around Tirupati. Leading players like Lava, Micromax, Karbonn and Celkom will be the first set of manufacturers to enter this SEZ including China’s Vikin Communications. This initiative is expected generate more than 10,000 jobs.
  • The proposed development like SEZ for IT/ITES, Pharma University and Medical College, Tourism Township, Urban Entertainment Center, Mega Tourism and Hospitality Complex, Eco-Park, New Satellite Township etc. will increase the floating population in Tirupati.
  • Temples of India Project – A unique project already volunteered by big group at Rs. 355 crores to set up a huge complex replicating 180 main and popular temples of India along with food courts, children theme parks and other facilities.
  • Ban on any fresh constructions On The Hill (i.e. Tirumala) – With this decision, there is no chance of any big hotel of Starlit size possible at all on the hill top and even in the heart of city, it is very difficult to get such a big parcel of land. These dynamics itself will make Starlit Suites Tirupati highly successful.
  • High-end business environment, large scale employment, enhancement of spending capacity and demand for better lifestyle facilities are expected in Tirupati which shall demand newer economic development in Tirupati.
  • Corporate groups increasingly looking for convention and training facilities at Tirupati. Tirupati is becoming a preferred weekend destination and while many hotel groups are searching for suitable lands to establish hotels and convention facilities at Tirupati, they are unable to find the same easily. This has resulted in existing hotels getting sold out on a regular basis and to such a great extent that guests no longer receive the standard of services that they otherwise expect, due to such the constant rush / overbooking at these hotels.
  • Chittoor & Naidupet areas are developing as industrial corridors with numbers of SEZ’s, Industrial Parks and International Sea Port.
  • Below mega industries coming up near Tirupati are set to alter the dynamics of Tirupati once for all in near future :
     – HNG Auto Industrial Park – 600 acre
     – 6000 crore NTPC-BHEL Power Plant near Tirupati at Mannavaram. Recently, the Prime Minister laid the foundation for this 5000 MW power plant.
     – Hindustan National Glass – 1000 crore factory
     – Mei Ta Industrial Company, Taiwan – 600 crore auto component plant
     – 3500 crore CAPARO – Auto and Aerospace Manufacturing Component at Naidupet
     – 1000 crore Coal Beneficiation Plant near Naidupet.
     – Apache Footwear – India’s footwear SEZ spread on 314 acres
     – Textile and Apparel SEZ on 714 acres to Sri Lankan company MAS Holdings
     – 1100 crore project by Chennai’s RKKR Group
     – Leather products SEZ by Bharatiya International Ltd. at a cost of 650 crore.

Builder Profile & Track Record

The builder is one of the most reputed names in the industry, having constructed the first commercial complex of Hyderabad, first villa project of Hyderabad and many more firsts.

With a proven track-record of excellence in the real estate sector for 3 decades they have reached commanding positions in the construction industry.

Their projects include some of the outstanding gated community villa projects, multi-storied residential complexes and commercial complexes in and around twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

For full profile, please see the annexures section at the end of this article.


Returns Matrix, Payment Schedule, Booking Amounts & Home Loans

Affordable Ticket Sizes

1 BHK (843 Sft)   : Rs.47.42 Lakhs     – SOLD OUT
2 BHK (1224 Sft)
 : Rs.68 Lakhs – SELLING FAST

These figures are of :
 – Inclusive of all furniture and fitouts as per list of furniture and fitouts available in the annexure section at the bottom of this article
 – Inclusive of Registration and Stamp Duty as applicable on date of registration (subject to changes by govt from time to time)
 – Exclusive of G&C’s service fee of 1.5% on the basic value.

Unlike other apartment projects where you are charged an additional premium for floor rise or premium location etc, there are no such additional charges in this hotel apartment and everyone pays the exact same cost irrespective of position of your unit in the tower. This ensures that everyone in the apartment earns equal returns irrespective of unit position.

Comparative Price Analysis

Please click here to view a comparative analysis of cost price of Starlit Suites Tirupati versus comparable apartments in the vicinity and you will be thrilled to see that this super class high monthly income asset is available to you at a discount when compared to a regular apartment in the surrounding area.

Easy Payment Schedule

  • Booking Amount :
    10% on booking.
  • On Execution of Agreements :
    10% on execution of agreement in 2 weeks from booking as construction is already at advanced stage.
  • Balance 80% :
     – Incase of self funding, this is payable in instalments based on construction progress.
    – Incase of home loan funding, another 15% to 20% is payable based on construction progress and balance 60% will be funded by the bank (subject to your individual eligibility*).

Home Loan Available for upto 60% of Unit Cost

  • If you invest using a home loan, upto 60% of unit cost can be funded via the loan which means you pay only 40% out of your pocket.
  • Out of the same, you pay only 20% now and rest 20% in instalments over construction period. As interest on this home loan during the construction period, you will end up paying approximately Rs.1 to 1.5 lakhs approximately.

Easy Redemption / Collection of your Monthly Income

Each month’s income is credited to your bank account on the 25th of the following month and hence there is no hassle in even collecting your income unlike other forms of investment where you have to physically deposit cheques, etc to redeem your income.

Extra ROI as a Benefit of Investing Using a Home Loan

As explained previously, if you invest using a home loan, the income will be greater than the EMI you pay on the loan and in 8 to 9 years time, you can recover your entire initial investment of 40% due to the excess income left over after having paid off EMIs.

The EMI paid on the loan can also be written off against the income earned from this asset, which effectively reduces your taxable income. 
This is big advantage of investing using a loan (Tax benefits may vary from person to person based on their individual financial planning and hence the above may not apply to everyone in the exact same sense).

Also in these 8 to 9 years in which you recover your entire investment, your unit would have also appreciated by atleast 100% in capital values & hence your returns against own funds deployed will technically be almost 500% in 9 years.

Example: If you invested in a 1 BHK unit of Rs.56 lakhs for which you pay only Rs.23 lakhs (40%) as rest is payed through the loan. This studio which is currently worth Rs.56 lakhs will be worth atleast Rs.100 lakhs by 9th year. By this time, you would have already recovered your initial investment of Rs.23 lakhs.

  • Hence your ROI is 500% (Rs.100 lakhs on investment of Rs.23 lakhs).
  • Above is ignoring the rental income that you will continue earning for the rest of the lease period.

Documentation Invovled

  1. Sale and Construction Agreement (SCA)

    This is the agreement between you and the builder and is an industry standard format that covers the terms and conditions of sale and construction of the hotel apartment and the timelines involved. This agreement will also have clauses to compensate you incase of delays in construction.

  2. Furniture & Fitouts Agreement (FFA)

    This agreement is between you and Starlit Suites (the operator) and it covers the cost and schedule of items that will be used to furnish and fitout your room as per 3 star hotel apartment standards.The furniture and fitouts are purchased and fixed by Starlit to ensure best quality and the operator also takes responsibility to replace any defective or broken furniture and fitouts at his expense throughout the lease period as part of the regular maintenance and upkeep of the hotel apartment. This takes away the need for you to personally monitor the quality and maintenance of your unit.

  3. Rental Management Agreement (RMA)

    This is the crux of the business and captures the terms and conditions of the revenue sharing lease agreement between you and Starlit Suites as an operator. It contains clauses related to revenue sharing, operator’s responsibilities, complimentary stay, period of contract and other important clauses.

  4. Power of Attorney (POA)

    This is a legal document giving Starlit Suites the power to operate the  unit on your behalf and is a matter of legal formality.

Next Steps and Booking Process

The booking process is fairly simple as explained below :

Step 1

Once you decide to invest and inform one of our team members / your relationship manager the booking form will be sent to you. You can then fill and send us a soft copy of the same along with details of payment of booking amount as explained in the “Financials” section above.

Step 2

You can pay the booking amount either by wire /online transfer / net banking or by issuing a cheque from your savings / NRO/NRE account in India.

Step 3

Based on your preference if any, a short list of available units will be sent to you and you can chose from the same to proceed further. Since all units are priced the same and the returns are distributed equally, it is ok to chose any unit out of whatever is available without bothering too much about floor or facing.

Step 4

When the agreements are ready to be issued, you will have to pay 20% of unit cost MINUS booking amount already paid and builder will then execute those agreements with you.

Step 5

You can keep paying the balance 80% in instalments as per construction progress and you can also apply for a home loan at this stage where upto 60% to 65% of unit cost can be funded via loan.

You can contact our in-house Home Loan expert Sridhar Kumar on +91 9686627071 / sridhar.kumar@gcglobal.in for further info or assistance on home loan application process and to estimate your home loan eligibility.

We strongly suggest that you contact our above Loan Expert as soon as you submit your booking form so that you do not end up paying any penal interest to the builder, once he raises demand note after execution of sale agreement.


Click on below links to view additional important information about this high monthly income project in Hyderabad :


Entire Complex


Typical Floor Plan


1 BHK East


1 BHK – West


2 BHK – East


2 BHK – West

Contact Details

For bookings or queries please call any of our below team members :

Jhashank Chowdary
Head – Corporate Affairs
+91 99001 23737

{ For US Based NRIs }
Divyendhu Chowdary

EA to the Chairman
+1 845 248 0012

Venkatesh P.
Sr. Manager – Business Development
+91 8297113456

19-1-23/2/1, Chintala Chenu
Opp Gopal Hero Honda Showroom
Tirupati Temple Town, Tirupati – 517501

Chiranjeevi K
Asst. Manager – Bus Dev
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