Project Overview

Type of HomeServiced Hotel Apartments.
LocationNear Technopark, off NH47 Bypass.
Type of UnitsStudio (476 Sft) / 1 BHK (860 Sft)
Total No. of Units130 Units.
Expected Commencement & Completion DateCommencement expected in 4 – 6 months depending on sanctions and completion expected by mid 2018.
Sanctions StatusUnder process.
Budget RangeRs.30 lakhs and Rs. 54.5 lakhs
Expected Returns14% to 15% average returns going up to 20% progressively.
USPsSecure way to get high monthly income and is exclusive to G & C clients, 1st time in Trivandrum and hence great opportunity to secure such asset class for one’s family. Highest returns on Low capital investment.


G&C is proud to bring the most popular income asset again & this time in Trivandrum – Kerala.  After the stupendous success of our 1st offer in Neotown – Electronic City (Bangalore South) wherein all 126 units were sold out in record time of just 2 months, G&C is proud to bring the most popular family income asset to Trivandrum.

In the past 8 years, G&C has been flooded by regular requests from our loyal patrons spread around the globe, requesting good commercial investment opportunities that would generate a good fixed monthly income for their families. So far we have been unable to provide them with credible & safe investments as until recently, a good long term commercial asset would come at a minimum investment bracket of Rs. 5 to 10 crore and hence a retail investor was in no way able to invest in such properties. In this context, our maiden offer as above was a runaway success and created a record waiting list for more than 330 units for next venture of Starlit, as all 126 units in Bangalore were sold-out by internal spread of word among few investors. And hence we at G&C are proud to bring this special offer for Malayalis and Kerala centric clients at Trivandrum.

This asset is the most lucrative investment for any family because of its highly attractive rate of returns and more importantly the low investment of just Rs. 29.6 lakhs onwards depending on size of asset. This combination is very rare if not impossible to find.

Also as the Founder Promoter of G&C, I take liberty of saying that it is a must for all well to do professionals, businessmen, retired & about to retire professionals as the same is ZERO risk asset and virtually guaranteed income asset for next 20 years without any monitoring or management. We can very confidently say that in India, it is almost impossible to find such a commercial, monthly revenue generating asset at such a low investment threshold.

The builder has also opened an Escrow a/c which ensures that all payments received from clients are dedicated only to this project. Thus making your investment 100% secure and also clearly establishes the builder’s intentions to build a top class asset having highest standards. All the more reason for our clients to cheer as all these positives will only ensure that projected earnings will be far higher than our conservative estimates.


This tower is conceived / constructed & offered by one of the reputed infrastructure players. After receiving 100% payment over a period of 2 .5 years, the units will be handed over for initial period of 15 years to one of the leading serviced hotel suites operator named Starlit Group (on the lines of operators like Oakwood and Frasers of international fame). There after Starlit will employ manpower (approx. staff of 50 to 80) and deploy substantial working capital of Rs. 4 to 5 crore and run the building on revenue sharing basis which gives the investor secured annual returns which are paid out month after month. Please go through the Income Projections table at the end of this article.

Who would be the beneficiaries:

i)  Anyone with the capability to invest funds as low as Rs. 30 lakhs.

ii)  Anyone who has a bank loan eligibility & is able to bring 50% of the cost from own funds.

iii)  All families looking for fixed & secure monthly income. Girls who may be getting married after 2-4 years.

iv)  Professionals, businessmen, about to retire and retired employees.

NRIs Visiting India: 

Imagine an NRI buying this asset in his name & assigning income to his parents in India. What else can be better than having a 4 star accommodation on his visit to India with facility to even cook / warm light meals/snacks right in the heart of the city, having 24 hours room service with a coffee shop & restaurant in the same tower is a blessing (7 days per unit per year complimentary with breakfast). What more, G & C will be bringing a string of such facilities across the country in phases and since individual owners of Starlit Suites have complementary stay of 7 days each year, they can even choose the location as per convenience as interchanging complementary stay between other Starlit Suites locations is allowed.

Offer Details:

Please read this detailed and most exhaustive offer document meant exclusively for G & C patrons and their families, relatives and their social contacts. This offer document is covered in 3 sections. Below sections will cover entire data and also calculations describing how the monthly income is generated. G & C has exclusive mandate for this offer and to structure similar tie-ups with top builders of each capital city.

a) Builders profile.

b) Starlit Group’s profile and business model.

c) Investment offer details.


This builder has a proven track record of excellence in the real estate sector and infrastructure and has international operations. For detailed profile of them, please see the Miscellaneous Tab / Link at the end of the article.

B) STARLIT SUITES PROFILE – Please click here for the operator’s profile presentation.



Through exclusive tie-up with G&C as their principal marketing channel partners the builder is offering 130 total units to individual investors like you.

Rs.30 to 54.5 lakhs inclusive of 100% fit outs as per list at the bottom of this article and exclusive of registration as applicable on date.

No additional premium for floor rise, premium location etc., as all units will give equal returns to every owner.

Booking Amount & Payment Terms:

10% on booking

10% on agreement in 4 months.

Balance 80% payable over 2.5 years as per construction progress, incase of self funding.

Incase of bank loan funding, 20% more is payable over 2.5 years as per construction progress. Balance 60% will be funded by the bank.

Prices and sizes as a ready reckoner (price is inclusive of registration)

Studio 476 Sft –  Rs. 30 lakhs

1 BHK 870 Sft –  Rs. 54.5 lakhs

For payment schedule, income projections, location map and other important info, scroll down to the end of the article and use all links available.

Feature List

  • Concierge Services
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Intercom Facility
  • Luggage Cart
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • 100% Power Backup
  • Restaurant
  • Internet
  • Conference Rooms
  • Individual Kitchenette


Just by investing own funds of Rs. 12 to 22 lakhs one can secure an asset of Rs. 30 to 54.5 lakhs by taking a bank loan where the EMI is going to be met out of monthly income that this project generates from the 2nd or 3rd year onwards. This way you can expect the unit to be free in 9 years max by paying off loan and by which time asset would have also appreciated by atleast 150% & returns against your own funds deployed is technically 550 – 600% plus in 9 years (i.e. the 29.6 lakhs asset you avail by taking loan & investing your own funds of 12 lakhs will become at least 60 lakhs by 9th year & debt free, thus giving 6 times return on your own invested funds). It is the same with bigger size investments.

The icing on the cake is unbelievable scenario as below:

  1. Once you take loan as above, the same gets cleared in 9 years max. Which means Rs. 30 lakhs asset is free in 9 years just by paying Rs.12 lakhs own funds (plus interest of around 2 – 3 lakhs).
  2. On top of above, a 30 lakhs unit is expected to fetch atleast Rs. 60 lakhs if resold once loan is cleared against just 12 lakhs own funds plus interest of another 5 lakhs invested.
  3. One can also resell same anytime they want as new person will be bound by same agreement terms of Starlit.

One can take more than 1 unit and in fact many of our patrons who missed out earlier have indicated interest in 2 or 3 units.


7 days per year complimentary stay for owner which means an NRI or Keralite or any Malayali can now think of being on his own in 4 star hotel ambience where he can call his guests to entertain as Starlit Suites will be fully equipped with gadgets including refrigerator, oven, cooking range & cutlery to entertain plus the attraction being well connected to any corner of Trivandrum.

Further, wherever Starlit Group operates in similar format anywhere in India, 4 days out of these 7 days can also be used on same basis subject to availability.

In addition to above, one can accumulate 2 years entitlement up to 14 days and out of same 7 days can be in other than mother location (In this case mother location is Trivandrum).

Just for your idea Starlit Group is in the process of adding 3000 to 5000 units in next 5 years across India in all important cities which means one can move around multiple locations.

Above is an absolute blessing for NRIs and employees/businessmen located out of Trivandrum as now they can visit the city in style and free of cost (4 star accommodation will not be less than Rs. 5000/ per day).

The facility can be availed by investor or his nominated relative or friend as special privilege.


  1. Once all 130 units are completely constructed, furnished and fitted out as per list below, investors will take over the same by completing their registration & hand over the physical possession to Starlit Suites.
  2. By this time Starlit Suits would have lined up their manpower and equipment along with hardware and software and sinking substantial working capital and will start renting out to corporate clients on extended stay basis.
  3. For the first 2 years, the operator incurs massive overheads until operations stabilize, and hence 40% of gross earnings of entire complex will be divided and distributed among all 130 owners independent of whether a particular unit is occupied or not.
  4. Average occupancy taken into consideration is 70% although operator is confident of achieving more & more progressively in subsequent years.
  5. From 3rd year, operator is committed to share 50% gross receipts of entire complex.

The above translates (by calculating backward on investment of Rs. 30 to 54.5 lakhs) to an outstanding return of 8.5% in 1st year itself going right upto 19% – 20% by last year. However as mentioned Starlit wants to be conservative and as per our assessment this returns may even start at more than 9%.

To understand how above calculations are arrived at, please see the enclosed income projection sheet for all 15 years lease period.


Very rare to get such safe fixed returns property and is only 1st of its kind in Trivandrum.

1. Finding an asset which yields such increasing returns at 30 to 54.5 lakhs bracket is impossible.

On most conservative basis following are returns paid on MONTHLY BASIS ON 25th of following month :

8.5% by 1st year (without considering the abrupt hike in capital appreciation of asset in 1st 3 years)

13% – 14% by 5th year

18% – 23% by 15th year.

If one takes into consideration 1st 3 years capital appreciation into combined effect as in 1st 4 –5 years asset may almost double in value, above average returns works out to 30% in 1st and 2nd years alone and hence is a NO –BRAINER Investment asset for any family looking for secured life with regular hassle free income (unlike individual management of residential flat where one has to find tenant and collect rent etc., every month and then face the uncertainties of sudden vacating of flat and maintenance responsibility once in a while etc.,)

That too steady income unlike other schemes where income might fluctuate wildly (also, uniqueness to be noted is payment is on monthly basis accompanied by auditors certificate for every 3 months auditing entire revenue pool for the tower)

As promoter of G&C, I am happy to see that lots of our investors’ who dreamt of investing in good asset for high monthly returns finally can choose this asset with ZERO risk as all along we have not been able to get them the same as there are no safe opportunities in this bracket.


At the time of booking/signing agreement one has to sign an undertaking that they are buying this asset on conditional agreement to lease the same to Starlit for 15 + 5 years.

Agreement signing:

a) Builders agreement to be signed against 20% of total cost payable including 10% booking amount.

b) Simultaneously rental pool management agreement with Starlit Group is to be signed. This will also cover investors rights to resell and continuation of same terms by new buyer etc.,

c) Any other relevant documents to safeguard.


For bookings or queries please call any of our team members as below:

Mr. Baby Varghese
Business Head – Kerala
+91 8089999224

Mr. Divyendhu Chowdary
Head – Retail & Hospitality
+91 9980319639

Mr. Sujeeth Joseph
Manager – Business Development
+91 9686669173

View below links for payment schedule, income projections, location map and other important info.