NRI Investment Services

NRI Home Loans

We can help you apply for a home loan in India while sitting anywhere in the world and without having to travel to India or burdening your family and friends in India. The process takes just 20 to 30 working days and you can complete the entire process with just 2 couriers and a couple of emails!

Repatriation Assistance

When you sell your property and want to repatriate your money back to your country of residence, we can help you with the entire process from start to finish by connecting you to our empanelled Chartered Accountants. And once again, you can do this entirely over mail without having to take the support of your friends or relatives in India.

Taxation Assistance

As an NRI, you are required to file taxes when you earn capital gains or rental income from real estate assets in India. We can help you pay your taxes and file your IT returns entirely over email, without having to travel to India and without having to burden your family or friends.

Banking Assistance Services

We can help you apply for a PAN Card and NRE / NRO accounts, both of which are mandatory if you want to transact in India.

Property Management Services

Resale of properties bought through G&C

We take responsibility of helping you sell properties that you buy through us and you are relieved of the stress of finding a buyer and can simply sit back and enjoy the returns as we do all the work for you.

Rental Management & Maintenance

For properties bought through G&C, we help you find tenants for rental income, take care of routine maintenance, pay property related taxes and assist you in any other property related matters, for a reasonable fee.

Financial Services

Domestic Home Loans

We can help you apply for a home loan from all leading banks of India, all from the comfort of your desk. We handhold you from start to finish – from the application process to the final disbursement of your loan and you do not have to interact with any bank official as we act as your single-point of contact for the entire procedure.

Filing Taxes and IT Returns

Through our panel of expert accountants and tax consultants, we can help you file your taxes when you earn capital gains or rental income from your property.


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