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Price Comparison of Alankrita

  CRDA Approved Gated Community of Villa Plots in Amaravati / Kanchikacherla  

This table of comparison was made taking into consideration all the top projects in and around Kanchikacherla / Keesara which are close to our class & quality of development – although most of them are not even comparable with us on most important parameters as shown below, especially when it comes to minimum plot sizes to ensure higher quality residents and underground / covered drains + electricity connections which is a premium feature and is available only in Alankrita and 1 other project that costs atleast 20% more than our project.

We have nevertheless taken such projects into consideration deliberately, just so you appreciate the highest quality of work being put in at Alankrita and to highlight why and how you can expect to benefit from highest possible appreciation by buying into our project at this special pre-launch price – which is 20% less than the current market prices being charged by other mostly incomparable projects.

To maintain ethics, we have not named the builder and projects below and instead marked them as Project 1, 2, 3 etc as these are figures and data readily available for anyone to cross-check.

Below table is best viewed on a laptop of iPad and may not be readable on a phone.

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* Total of 80 Acres in 3 Phases & Phase 1 of 17.5 acres (CRDA Approved) is currently available under special pre-launch offer price.
** These are approx measurements and may vary slightly.


  • As can be seen above, even a medium player with no underground electricity + drainage and clubhouse is charging Rs.11,500/Sft versus lowest price of all at Alankrita of Rs.8950/Sq Yard (pre-launch offer).
  • Most valuable point is regarding minimum plot sizes where we have deliberately kept larger plots to ensure an upmarket ambiance and only premium clients get into this project. Whereas all other players are offering plots as small as 120 to 150 Sq Yards (150 being the average size), our average size is much larger / higher at 280 Sq Yards as our corner / premium plots are 330 and 400 sq yards in size and regular plots are atleast 220 to 266 Sq Yard in size.
  • Even after completion of 90% work at site, we have not yet opened sales to public as we wanted to offer this first to our NRIs base and known contacts in India and then open this to public when we get approvals for Phase 2 – which will obviously be at a higher price, giving you reasonable appreciation by default.
  • More than everything else, we are very passionate about what we are doing and this attitude will ensure that this community will be maintained by us for a few years before passing on to owners association – which will ensure long term value addition and continuous capital appreciation.