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 CRDA Approved 
90 Acre Gated Community of Villa Plots
near Amaravati Outer Ring Road, Kanchikacherla

Just 20 Minutes from Amaravati

Situated in one of the best growth corridors of Amaravati :
the Keesara – Kanchikacherla – Amaravati Belt

~ Ready for Immediate Registration & Construction ~
Phase 1 of 17 acres is already 90% complete

 LP No.31/2016 

Located just 2.9 Kms off the Hyderabad – Vijayawada NH

Approx 20 minutes (18 kms) from Amaravati

2.5 kms from Amaravati’s Outer Ring Road

30 minutes from Vijayawada

This project is the only one of its kind in this region and price range to feature underground power cables and water lines + many other high-end amenities that are not generally provided by any other player in the market.

Site works 90% complete and you can scroll down to see site progress photos.

Masterplan – Phase 1, 2 & 3

Phase 1 & 2 | Drone View (Shot as on October 2018)
Phase 1 – 90% complete | Phase 2 – 20% complete


Project Overview

Premium Villa Plots

Near Kanchikacherla, AP
2.5 Kms off Hyderabad – Vijayawada NH65, towards Amaravati
3 kms from proposed Outer Ring Road

Phase 1 of 17.7 Acres is Currently on Offer
Entire project is of 90 Acres, comprising of 3 phases.

220, 289, 333 and 400 square yards & multiples

204 plots currently on offer & approx 800 plots in the next 2 phases

Plot loans available from DHFL (Pre Approval APS No. VIJ-9375-05-17) and few other leading banks in the process.

Phase 1 of 17.7 acres is 90% complete and ready for registration.
Phase 2 of 15 acres is leveled with compound wall constructed and approval in advanced stage.

CRDA Approved & LP Number No.31/2016 (for Phase 1)


  • One of the very few layouts in Andhra Pradesh in this price category to feature high-end amenities such as underground electricity cables, water pipelines & concealed drains and many more.
  • Located close to one of the bridges being constructed over Krishna River and will become a major transit hub for entire traffic moving between the old and new capitals of AP – Hyderabad and Amaravati.
  • Masterplan, clubhouse and villa elevations designed by award-winning architectural firm from Bangalore – MindsWork.


Recent Infrastructure Developments
that will boost demand & prices
in and around Alankrita

Increasing Potential for High Capital Appreciation
in the Kanchikacherla Region

New Outer Ring Road approved by YCP Govt!

The YCP Govt has approved the Outer Ring Road alignment and in the latest boost, the Central Govt has come forward to fund 50% of the land acquisition cost in addition to the Rs.20,000 crores budget sanctioned for construction by the National Highways Authority of India about 2 years ago.

This is logistically important not only to Amaravati, but also to Rayalaseema – Nellore, Kadapa, Tirupati, Chittoor, etc as it connects the Hyderabad highway making it almost 100 kms shorter and saving almost 1.5 hours of travel time by avoiding Vijayawada and Guntur traffic.

On the other side, it will also reduce travel time from HYD to Vizag by almost 1.5 hours which has gained more prominence with the current govt, by avoiding Vijayawada traffic.

This ORR is just 5 mins away from Alankrita.

News Coverage

New NHAI Bridge on the Krishna!

Reducing distance from Hyderabad to Amaravati by over 45 Kms / 60 Minutes

The Adani Group recently announced to the Bombay Stock Exchange that they have been awarded a Rs.1546 crores tender, by the NHAI (National Highways Authority of India), to construct the long pending Gollapudi Bypass along with a bridge on the Krishna river connecting the Hyderabad highway to the Guntur-Chennai highway through Amaravati. They aim to complete the entire project in just 24 months.

This new bridge is just 20 mins away from Alankrita.

This itself will put Alankrita within 25 minutes of Amaravati.




And once the Outer Ring Road Bridge near Kanchikacherla (Chevitikallu) is in place, which we expect in 3 to 4 years, Alankrita will be just 20 minutes from Amaravati.

Prakasam Barrage. Image for Reference only.

This new barrage will be built 23 kms upstream of Prakasam Barrage and will store 10 TMC of drinking water for Amaravati.

New Barrage @ Vykuntapuram, just 20 mins away

The YCP Govt is keen to build a 2nd barrage on Krishna River (1st one is Prakasam Barrage at Vijayawada) at Vykuntapuram, near Kanchikacherla (very close to our project) and has already initiated many steps for this barrage.

This is a masterstroke for entire West Krishna region as it will ensure  high water levels forever and kick-starting tourism and river-based activities in this region, besides being a key support for the inland National Waterway 4. 

This will bring this entire region into a hot zone and we are surely going to take advantage of being the ONLY gated community of with the highest quality of infrastructure.

Shot in Nov 2019 – 6 lane widening works on Kanchikacherla Bypass (NH65)

6 Laning of HYD – VGA Highway (NH65)

The expansion of existing 4 lane Machilipatnam – Vijayawada – Hyderabad Highway to 6 lanes has begun – with the sections from Machilipatnam – Vijayawada – Kanchikacherla – Nandigama already 80% complete.

Previously, those travelling from Hyderabad to Vijayawada would have to pass through both the towns losing a lot of time due to slow moving traffic.

With the bypass being expanded, it will save almost 15 to 20 minutes of travel time as the traffic will now bypass both towns – which will lead to further growth & development of this area.

Double lane service roads have also been laid to prevent any congestion / traffic from nearby villages encroaching onto the highway & slowing down traffic.

360* Drone View of Alankrita & its Surroundings
(Shot in October 2016)

Munneru River opposite to Alankrita


Unique Location

  • Alankrita is located in the most futuristic growth corridor of the AP New Capital Region: the Kanchikacherla – Amaravati belt, near the Hyderabad – Vijayawada NH.
  • This gated community of villa plots is just 20 to 25 minutes from Amaravati and will be connected by a bridge over the Krishna river, through the proposed outer ring road (ORR).
  • This area is envisioned to become a very sought after neighbourhood due to its close proximity to Amaravati, excellent greenery and highly water rich and fertile soil.

Most importantly, this project falls comfortably within the CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority) limits which not only enhances the market standing and credibility of the project, but also lets you enjoy high and consistent capital appreciation going forward.

Location Map

An Interactive Google Map is Available further Below

  • Hyderabad – Vijayawada NH is just 2.9 kms from this gated community on a brand new 60 feet wide cement / bitumen road and from here, it will take you just 25 minutes to reach Amaravati* and 30 minutes to reach Vijayawada.
  • This project is just 13 kms from Amaravati and the rear side of the project is about 3 kms from the proposed OUTER RING ROAD – a 200 feet wide Ring Road for which the new AP Govt (YCP Govt), has approved. Recently, the central govt has volunteered to funding 50% of the land acquisition cost as well as granting Rs.20,000 crores for construction due to its critical importance in the development of the capital.
  • Alankrita is just 20 mins from the proposed NHAI bridge by Adani Group which will connect the HYD Highway to Guntur through Amaravati, which again makes this location of high strategic importance as all future traffic between the old and new capitals (i.e. Amaravati and Hyderabad) will flow via this route. Infact, this location will be the 1st exit point for anybody travelling from Hyderabad to Amaravati (they will no longer has to go via Vijayawada once these bridges are up).
  • Incidentally, this location also happens to fall before the toll gate on NH (when travelling from Hyderabad towards Vijayawada) which will make all traffic from Hyderabad take a detour to go to Amaravati via this gated community to avoid toll paying the toll – this will lead to further appreciation of property prices in this area.
  • Due to their proximity to Amaravati through the Outer Ring Road and proposed bridge, Kanchikacharla and Nandigama stretch (the area surrounding this project) will see mushrooming of numerous residential colonies and are set to become highly sought after localities in the next few years.

Interactive Google Map of Alankrita’s Location

Entrance Plaza of Alankrita (Artist’s Impression)


Project Features

The clubhouse is a 1st of its kind in this region and comes with all modern amenities and Outdoor & Indoor Sports Facilities such as cricket net practice and much more.

Award Winning Architect from Bangalore – Mindswork, who is designing the masterplan, clubhouse, water tank and a few villa designs for those interested in constructing villas through us.

 Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) – To be responsible for pollution free facilities for residents although this increases the cost to the developer.

24 Hour Security Services with a compound wall along with boundary plantation.

40 feet Internal Roads with Underground Electrical Cable and Drainage – Very few projects feature underground electrical cable works along with safe covered drainage as this significantly increases the cost of development.

Unique Grand Entrance Arch and 60 Feet wide Main Road at the heart of the layout with butterfly electrical poles (whereas most other layouts have ugly cement poles). 

Multiple park zones spread over phases with Childrens’ Play Areas, Mini Jogging Track, Meditation zone and Water bodies

Free Maintenance for 2 years and thereafter will be passed onto the residents’ association and will be facilitated by promoters. 

High Density Avenue Plantation with Exotic Trees : Special emphasis given to select different kinds of flowering plants / colored leaf trees to give each street a unique character / look and feel.

In-House Mineral Water Plant to ensure supply of purified drinking water to houses within this gated community on a no-loss no-profit basis. 

With a total of 90 acres, this gated community is the largest of its kind in this area. 

Rain Water Harvesting

60 Feet Wide Main Road with Avenue Plantations

Anmol – The Clubhouse

1st of its Kind in Kanchikacherla & Surrounding Areas

Multi Purpose Hall & Party Lawns

Swimming Pool

Cricket Net Practice

Billiards & Cards Room

Model Villa Designs
by Award Winning Architects MindsWork from Bangalore

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Plot Sizes
– 200 Sq Yards
– 220 Sq Yards
– 240 Sq Yards
– 270 Sq Yards
– 330 Sq Yards
– 400 Sq Yards
You can purchase in multiples / combination of above sizes.

Payment Schedule
You have 4 payment schedules to chose from as explained below and depending on the option you choose, the price may decrease / increase as shown below. Please check with a G&C team member to know the price applicable to a particular payment schedule.

Immediate Payment or 100% Upfront Payment
.~ At the time of Booking : 25% (Sale Agreement will also be executed immediately)
.~ At the time of Registration : 75% within 15 days from date of booking.

45 Days Payment Plan
.~ At the time of Booking : 10%
.~ After 21 Days : 15% (Sale Agreement will be executed at this stage)
.~ After 45 Days : 75% (Plot will be registered at this stage)

90 Days Payments Plan
.~ At the time of Booking : 10%
.~ After 45 Days : 15% (Sale Agreement will be executed at this stage)
.~ After 75 Days : 25%
.~ After 90 Days : 50% (Plot will be registered at this stage)

180 Days Payment Plan
.~ At the time of Booking : 10%
.~ After 45 Days : 15% (Sale Agreement will be executed at this stage)
.~ After 90 Days : 25%
.~ After 150 Days : 25%
.~ After 180 Days : 25% (Plot will be registered at this stage)

Launch & Completion Timelines

  • While entire 90 acres will be launched in phases, the 1st Phase of 17.7 acres is now open for bookings and is almost complete & ready to move-in : WE OPENED BOOKINGS AFTER COMPLETING 90% OF THE WORK.
  • Entire 90 acres are already in the developer’s possession.
  • For the balance phases, completion of basic infrastructure along with landscaping is expected in 2 to 3 years time.

Home Loan Available (70% Funding)

  • This project is pre approved by DHFL and will soon be pre-approved by more leading banks for plot and construction loans which means that applying for a loan in Alankrita will be a cake walk as banks will not ask you for property title documents as they will be approved in advance for all our investors at one shot and you will have to only submit your personal documents for you to get a loan.
  • You can get a loan either to just purchase a plot or to both purchase a plot AND construct a home on it.
  • We can get you a loan through our in-house home loan services where an exclusive team member is nominated for this purpose and you can avail this service free of cost.
  • The DHFL pre-approval number is APS No.VIJ-9375-05-17.

Current Project Status

Rapid Progress at Site @ Record Speed

Drone View of Alankrita
(Phase 1 Developed & Phase 2 under Development)
(Shot in August 2017)

Entrance Arch and Main 60 Feet Road
(As of January 2017)

60 Feet Wide Main Road with Avenue Plantations

For Bookings & Enquiries, please contact :

Jhashank Chowdary
+91 9900 123 737

Divyendhu Chowdary
+1 845 248 0012