They Don’t Make It Anymore! Land is an extremely valuable asset with limited supply and when you invest in land in growth corridors, you end up owning an asset that a lot of other people want to own, giving you tremendous capital gains potential and selling power. Land is also very inexpensive to hold for a long time and is one of the simplest forms of investment, as they are no loan EMIs to be paid, no tenants to monitor and maintenance cost is extremely low.

Residential Plots

Ideal for those looking for a safe and guaranteed way to create tremendous wealth in the mid to long term and own prime property – which is a scarce and depleting resource in major cities of India. As cities begin to saturate, plots will increase in value manifold and can be sold in a seller’s market – giving you tremendous bargaining power as the seller.

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Gated Community Villa Farm Plots

Ideal for investors who want to truly enjoy the more traditional sense of land ownership along with all the comforts of living in a gated community and enjoying all the comforts and amenities of modern day living in a rustic ambience, away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

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Agricultural Land

Ideal for small investors looking to run farming or related operations (such as timber farms, vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards, etc) on a small scale to generate a passive income stream and enjoy the land while it is being used to generate such income.

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Commercial Land

Ideal as a feasible entry into land ownership as a variety of development opportunities are available for the investor to generate returns based on their available capital/budget, investment holding period and execution capabilities.

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Industrial Land

Ideal for those looking to benefit from government’s renewed focus on the manufacturing sector, which is going to result in massive demand for manufacturing and warehousing facilities over the next decade.

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