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G&C Service Fee Policy

We make our money by charging you – our investorsa commission for each transaction made through us.

This ensures total transparency & unbiased advice as this way, we have NO INCENTIVE in pushing you to a particular project as our revenue is the same, irrespective of which project you finally invest in.

When you BUY through us…

Pre-Launch Offers

If project is being offered under pre-launch scheme & is not available through public channels, you pay 1.5% of total unit value excluding registration charges & stamp duty.

  • You will appreciate that most of our offers are available ONLY to G&C clients and ONLY by invitation and are not available through anyone else in India.
  • Moreover, almost all our offers come to you from India’s leading brands, giving you a substantial price advantage and the privilege to select the best units of the entire project.
  • You will earn atleast 10 to 15 times of what you pay as our service fee due to such price advantage which is known to you in advance, at the time of booking itself.
  • We also handle entire documentation and coordination between you and the builder / operator from start to finish, which involves a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to execute, so you can enjoy a hassle free investment experience.
  • Lastly, our service fee is payable only when you execute your sale agreement with the builder and are in complete control of your investment, which is typically 2 to 3 months after the date of your booking.
  • Incase of PLOTS, our service fee is 2% of site value as a tremendous amount of additional work is involved incase of plots.

Post Public Launch Offers
If the project is already available to the public or/and is being sold through public channels, you pay 1% of total unit value excluding registration charges & stamp duty.

When you SELL through us…

Apartments, Villas & Commercial Properties
You pay 2% of total sale value excluding registration charges & stamp duty.
We help you handle documentation and coordination between you and the buyer from start to finish as a one-stop-shop.

Lands / Plots / Sites
You pay 3% to 4% of total sale value excluding registration charges & stamp duty – depending on the nature of land and complications involved if any.
Selling lands / plots required a tremendous amount of time and energy as there is a lot of running around involved, substantially higher number of sales visits when compared to other types of properties, coordination with revenue authorities which itself is an exercise in itself and satisfying all the demands of buyers.

Payment Terms

Our service fee is payable within 7 days of our issuing our bill after execution of your agreements and must be paid before agreements are handed over to you / bank (incase of home loan). 

The service fee also attracts GST @ 18% – over and above the basic fee.

Have questions?

If you queries regarding this service fee, please reach out to the G&C team member who is in touch with you. In event of any misunderstandings regarding any terms of this understanding or any other matter in the matter of the business, the same shall be resolved by arbitration and conciliation. The provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996 shall apply in such an event.

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