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Why G&C Global?

You should use us as your family’s wealth managers in real estate because :

  1. Being principal channel partners of top builders, we get exclusive allotment of best projects under Pre-Public Launch where an investor can make between 50% – 400% returns on his investment in 2 to 3 years time.
  2. We offer credible builders’ projects across all key cities of South, thus giving you access to all alternatives possible in all markets for you to choose, irrespective of your buying through us or not.
  3. One Stop Solution provider : We can take care of the entire purchase cycle right from handling paperwork on your behalf, re-selling and re-investing, to arranging bank loans from leading lenders, to paying your property related taxes, etc all under one roof.
  4. Guidance & Mentoring and Unbiased Advice on projects, irrespective of your buying through us or not.

Why is G&C so privileged to get such pre-public launch deals?

Right from G&C’s inception in 2004, the founding chairman of G&C has continuously structured top class commercial projects for a number of leading builders across South India and during the course of these 8 years he has established close ties with the proprietors/owners of all these developers and builders. As a result of this close association and proximity to the builders and its top management, G&C is able to enjoy the unique privilege of providing its patrons with access to signature projects of these builders at discounted/special prices before the same are launched to the public. Moreover, in all the projects that we promote, G&C is the only and exclusive channel partner as a result of which these opportunities are available only through G&C and not accessible in the open market.

What does it cost me to get this service?

It takes a lot of effort, time and money for G&C and its team to bring you the best of investment opportunities from all leading builders across South India. And as with all the best things in life, our services too come at a cost, albeit a nominal one. We charge a standard fee of 1.5% the property cost (excluding registration and stamp duty cost) for purchase of pre-public launch and 1% for all other purchases and 2% on sale price for resale of your property. But compared to the benefits/profits that you make by investing through us, you end up making anywhere between 50% to 400%. Hence in the end, it’s a win-win situation for all!

What else do you offer?

At G&C, we strive to be your one stop shop solution provider for all your real estate needs/requirements in India. Apart from handling all the basic processes of purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties, we also provide the following value added services, most of which are free of charge and included as part of our service fee :

  • Arranging Home Loans from India’s leading lenders/banks/HFCs
  • Tax Filing services for NRIs (to assist you in paying property taxes, capital gain taxes, etc)
  • Property Management Services* – Renting/Leasing and Maintenance of properties bought through G&C.
  • Joint Ventures / Development of land
  • High End Interiors & Architectural Consultancy through Empanelled Specialists
  • Legal Services for property transactions through credible channel partners.
  • Free Newsletter from time to time and access to best properties of the market.

Who are the people behind G&C Global?

G&C is a privately held organization and was founded by a dynamic couple – Mr.AVR Chowdary and Mrs.A Gouthami. Mr.AVR Chowdary (Founding Chairman) comes with 20 years of market experience in one of India’s leading public sector conglomerate. With encouragement from all clients and well-wishers of G&C, even 2nd generation has been drafted to get into company immediately after their management education. They have been imbibed into company’s culture since 2006 and now play key roles in the company with an eye on making G&C one of the top in India. Our vision is to expand branch network throughout country in all major capitals and eventually become an international player.

How do I reach G&C Global?

For any queries, assistance, guidance or complaints, you can reach us by sending us a mail at or alternatively, give us a call at +9180-41520808. For more details please visit the Contact Us page for complete contact details (branch-wise details available). If you are not happy with G&C services, feel free to directly reach out to the founder chairman at

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