Earn Fixed Monthly Interest

 Assured ROI of 15% p.a. 

paid out as monthly interest to your bank account

15% Fixed Returns p.a.
Paid Out on 1st of every Month

Very Small Investment
As low as Rs.10 Lakhs onwards

Secure Returns Backed by
Indemnity Bond & Property

Over the years, our investors have been asking for a monthly interest payout scheme.

And because of demonetisation, interest rates of FDs (fixed deposits) which are already at a low 6.7% p.a., are set to fall even further to as low as 5% p.a. in the coming years.

We are hence receiving an increasing number of requests for investment opportunities that can generate a steady and fixed stream of assured monthly income for their families.

In this regard, we are glad to offer you this outstanding investment through which you earn assured ROI of 15% p.a.which is more than twice the ROI of Fixed Deposits in Indiapaid out as monthly interest on the 1st of every month directly to your bank account via ECS.

How Does This Work?

Step 1
You invest your money by paying 100% upfront in this Monthly Income Scheme where every Rs.10 lakhs invested will fetch you an assured Rs.12,500 per month – paid to your nominated bank account through RTGS on the 1st of every month.

Step 2
As a back-up / safety measure, you are allotted an approved villa plot in one of our signature projects (Alakananda RiverFront or Alankrita) at current pre-launch price and at the end of 12 months of your investment, you can choose to either :

  • Retain the plot if prices appreciate substantially (i.e. if plot prices appreciate more than 15% in 1 year, you are better-off by retaining the plot – which will be given to you at today’s pre-launch rate itself – and sell them later for much higher ROI);
  • Take back / get refunded your original investment in addition to the 15% per annum that you have already earned and exit without any commitments, no questions asked.

Therefore if you are sitting on ready funds, invest today and start earning 15% per annum assured income immediately, with the flexibility of getting back your capital after 12 months.

Investment Size

Rs.10 lakhs and multiples of Rs.10 lakhs thereof
For example, Rs.10 lakhs, Rs.20 lakhs, Rs.30 lakhs, Rs.40 lakhs and so on.

Monthly Interest Payments

  • Will be credited directly to your bank accounts on the 1st of every month (after deducting TDS as per income tax rules, which is 10% for Indians & 15.45% for NRIs).
  • At the end of each year, a TDS certificate will be issued to help you file your taxes & seek a rebate / refund depending on your personal taxes for that year.

Minimum Investment Period

12 Months and can be renewed at the end of 12 months at prevailing rates

Refund of Original Deposit & Renewal Option

At the end of 12 months, the money deposited by you will be returned through RTGS / wire transfer and incase you are interested to extend / renew your investment, we will decide at that time on fresh terms mutually acceptable to both the parties, depending on the FD rates prevailing that time.

Security against Your Deposit Amount

  • You will be allotted a CRDA / DTCP approved plot, in one of our approved projects, valued at 1.5 times your investment (valuation is as per the public price at the time of investment).
  • If we do not have a plot that EXACTLY MATCHES 1.5 times the size of your investment (due to fixed sizes of plots), we will allot a larger plot.For example, if you invest Rs.20 lakhs, we will allot a plot of 333 sq yards in one of our projects – say Alankrita (a CRDA approved 80 acre gated community of villa plots near Kanchikacherla) which is priced at almost Rs.33 lakhs as per today’s offer price, even though we have to allot a plot worth only Rs.30 lakhs to you (i.e. more benefit and security to you).

Documentation Issued to You

  1. Allotment Letter on Company Letterhead for the villa plot / apartment being given to you as collateral / double back-up
  2. Post Dated Cheques for your invested amount, signed by Promoter

For Enquiries & Bookings,
please contact :

Jhashank Roy Chowdary
+91 990 012 3737

USA & Wordwide
Divyendhu Roy Chowdary
+1 845 248 0012