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Our Core Services

Commercial Real Estate

In the commercial space, we focus primarily on IT parks, retail spaces and hotels. The deal size ranges from Rs. 10 crores to Rs.1000 crores based on city, location, size and type of property. This segment is ideal for HNIs looking for secured rental returns of 8% to 12% per annum, coupled with tremendous capital appreciation. At present, our biggest markets are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Vijayawada, Vizag and Tirupati. To know more about these services and opportunities currently available to you, please contact us with your specific requirement.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is one of the most predictable and safe avenues for wealth creation as it is a basic human necessity. This segment has great potential for both capital appreciation and as long as you stick to an excellent location and a top branded developer, you can never go wrong. This space includes apartments, villas, row houses and gated community plots in both mid and luxury segments.

Through us, you can benefit by getting the signature projects from India’s top builder’s at a special price before they are launched to general public and through this route, you can earn between 100% to 400% in 2 to 4 years’ time. To know more on opportunities available to you right now, visit our “Current Offers” section.

High Monthly Income Assets

A first of its kind in the country, this asset gives you 4 times the rental returns of a normal residential apartment. With a starting average income of 12% per annum, you can earn Rs.40,000 per month on an investment of Rs.40 lakhs.

What makes this asset unique is that so far, you had to invest in big ticket commercial properties to enjoy returns of 8% to 12%, as rental income from residential properties is only between 2.5% to 4% (which by the way is lower than what you earn from a Fixed Deposit!).

This asset now gives you the best of both worlds – the high returns of a commercial property and the affordability of a low ticket size residential property. This asset is available exclusively ONLY to G&C patrons across the world and no one else in the country can offer you the same. A must and should invest asset for any Indian family, as you only need Rs.16 lakhs to get started.

Lands and Plots

Land is an asset class that has a huge and almost never ending potential to create immense wealth with maximum safety of capital – as long as you stick to reputed developers and do your due diligence. We are equipped to assist you in investing in the best located sites with clean titles and ranging from 1 to 500 acres. We can also help you sell your existing land parcels and reinvest that money into one of our newer asset classes. To know more about these services or to talk to our land bank specialist, please click here.

Retail & Hospitality

We structure JVs for landlords to facilitate 3, 4 and 5 star hotel deals and retail spaces such as shopping malls and multiplexes. We currently hold mandates for over 6 Million SFT from top builders and HNIs across South India for structuring, selling/leasing spaces to the retail & hospitality sector. Out of this, we have successfully closed 2 Million SFT so far and are building a steady pipeline of deals that will close over the next few years.

Our Supplementary Services

NRI Investment Services

  • NRI Home Loans : We can help you apply for a home loan in India while sitting anywhere in the world and without having to travel to India or burdening and obliging your family or friends in India. The process i so simple and streamlined that with just 2 couriers and a couple of emails and phone calls, you can apply for and receive disbursement of a home loan in under 30 days!
  • Taxation Assistance : As an NRI, you are required to file taxes when you earn capital gains or rental income from real estate assets in India. We can help you pay your taxes and file your IT returns entirely over email, without having to travel to India and without having to burden your family or friends.
  • Repatriation Assistance : When you sell your property and want to repatriate your money back to your country of residence, we can help you with the entire process from start to finish by connecting you to our empanelled Chartered Accountants. And once again, you can do this entirely over mail without having to take the support of your friends or relatives in India.
  • Applying for a PAN Card & Opening NRE & NRO Accounts : We can help you apply for a PAN Card and NRE / NRO accounts, both of which are mandatory if you want to transact in India.

Financial Services

  • Home Loans : We can help you apply for a home loan from all leading banks of India, all from the comfort of your desk. We handhold you from start to finish – from the application process to the final disbursement of your loan and you do not have to interact with any bank official as we act as your single-point of contact for the entire procedure.
  • FIling Taxes and IT Returns : We can help you file your taxes when you earn capital gains or rental income from your property.

Property Management Services

  • Resale of properties bought through G&C as an obligation : We take responsibility of helping you sell properties that you buy through us and this has been the key to our phenomenal popularity among investors across the world. You are relieved of the stress of finding a buyer and can simply sit back and enjoy the returns as we do all the work for you.
  • Imagine a Kannadiga working in California and an Andhrite working in New Jersey investing in Bangalore & Hyderabad respectively, while sitting in the US. They have been avoiding investments so far as they don’t want to burden & oblige their parents, relatives and friends to manage the entire exercise of buying, maintaining and selling a property and they also do not have privileged access to the best projects of the market. With G&C taking 100% responsibility of the entire investment cycle, you are free to invest without the support of any relative or friend in India and you can also keep rotating your money by continuously buying and selling once in 3 to 4 years, thereby making regular capital gains of 50-200% against their capital.
  • Renting and Maintaining properties bought through G&C : We can help you manage your property, rent it out, attend to tenants complaints, pay property related taxes and assist you in any other property related matters, for a reasonable fee.