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Starlit Suites Hyderabad

Site Progress Photo Album

 Construction Completed, finishing works & Interiors in progress…

The tower in center is the Serviced Apartment Block
(Starlit Suites Hyderabad is part of a 4 acre Gated Community consisting of 3 towers – 2 Residential – the towers on left and right – and 1 Serviced Apartment Block in the center)

No Chance of Delay!

Project is already 90% completed which means there is almost no chance of any delays
(if at all, it could be a delay of 1 to 2 months at most)
Construction of structure is finished
  (i.e. slabs, brickwork, plastering & painting are complete)
Interiors are in progress
  (wooden flooring & false ceiling almost complete, after which furniture will be installed)

Starlit Suites Hyderabad - October 2019 - 1

Interior being done now…
(shown above is a Premium 1 BHK of 760 Sft)

Progress of Work at Site

Chronologically Arranged from Oldest to Latest

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