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I have over a year long association with G&C now. In this short period I have understood them as transparent in their dealings, efficient in their operations and more than satisfactory in their negotiations with the builders. In real estate the most important aspect is to gain the confidence confidence of the client by offering him or her the best offerings in the market at the best rates possible and I have observed this to a very large extent in G&C.

I was quite fortunate in identifying the right project, Patel Neotown, thanks to the timely discovery of this project by G&C and I was able to secure two units of my choice as I was one of the first to set sight on the details of the project thanks to the association that Mr. Chowdary had with the builders.

I understand that he has the same kind of association with a few more top builders because of which both the investors and clients looking at self occupation can have access to the best units in the pre-launch period itself.

The pre-launch period not only gives you a choice of the units but also a good price.   Overall my experience with G&C has been fulfilling.


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