Rs.12 lakhs is all you need to get started with real estate investments in India.

With a plethora of options available to you from leading builders across key cities of India, you can get started with as less as just Rs.12 lakhs in your pocket. Unlike before when buying real estate was an expensive affair, many young Indians are making their first property investment at an age of just 28 to 30!

This 3 STEP QUICK START GUIDE will help you identify where, how and with which asset to get started based on your purpose of investment, your method of financing the investment and how long you are willing to stay invested.

The Smarter Way to Invest

Always keep in mind the following aspects while evaluating investment opportunities in Indian real estate:

Start Early with a Small Ticket Size

Today, you can get started with as low as Rs.12 lakhs and hence you don’t have to wait for years until you accumulate a large corpus to get started.

Stick to the Top Builders

Always invest with top branded builders to ensure safety of your money and certain minimum assured returns.

Take Advantage of Pre-Launch Prices

By investing in select pre-launch offers, you can enjoy a price benefit & early mover advantage over the public.

Invest using a Home Loan

Investing using a home loan is the smarter and more affordable way to create tremendous wealth as you can enjoy the compounding effects of leverage.

Step 1

What Is Your Purpose of Investing ?

Do you want to multiply your money (i.e. earn capital gains) or do you want to earn a monthly income from your investment (i.e. rental income)?

While it is possible to achieve both from a single property investment, you must decide what your primary motive is, as this will help you decide on what type of property to invest in as each type of property excels in one particular area and no single property type can give you the best of both rental yields and capital appreciation.


Residential Assets are a better option as they can appreciate by as much as 15% to 20% per annum. These assets are however not suitable for rental income as their rental returns are a piddly 1.5% to 3% per annum.


Commercial Assets and Hotel Apartments are a better option as they give rental returns of 8% to 12% per annum. These assets however are a long term investment and you cannot expect their capital values to appreciate as much as those of residential assets.

Step 2

Will you invest using your OWN FUNDS or by taking a HOME LOAN?

Investing using a home loan is a better way to create long term wealth as you pay only 20% to 40% of property cost from your pocket but you enjoy appreciation on the entire 100% of property value. That is, the money that you borrow at 10% to 12% interest rate will be invested in assets that grow at 15% to 20% per annum, giving you tremendous return on investment.

However at times, you may have surplus funds that you want to deploy immediately, or you may have exhausted your loan eligibility or you might not be eligible for a loan at all. In such cases, you may want to use your own funds to fund the entire investment or property cost.

Using Home Loan

If you can get a loan, you need to pay only 20% to 40% of property cost from your pocket and the rest is funded through a loan. In this case, you can look at the following options :

High monthly Income Hotel Apartments

In this, you pay just 40% of unit cost (between Rs.14 to 18 lakhs) in instalments over 2 years and the income from these properties will be greater than the EMI you pay for the loan and you don’t have to pay anything more from your pocket. The property pays for itself, making it a self sustaining asset.

Free Pre-EMI Schemes

In this, you pay just 20% of unit cost from your pocket and nothing else until project is completed and handed over to you. The balance 80% is paid via a home loan on which builder pays the interest on your behalf, which means you pay nothing else apart from the initial 20% but you enjoy capital gains on entire 100% value of the property, giving you ROI of 100% to 150% in 3 to 5 years.

Invest in apartments / villas offered under Pre-Launch

In this, you invest by paying just 20% of unit cost and balance 80% is funded through a home loan on which you pay nominal simple interest. Once project is completed in 3 to 4 years, we will help you resell and after backing out the interest paid on the home loan and all other expenses, you can still earn ROI of 50% to 100%.

Using Own Funds

If you plan to invest using your own funds only and do not prefer taking a loan, you should look at the following options that reward you for using your own funds :

Legally Guaranteed Capital Gains Assets

This options gives you legally assured and promised returns of 30% in 1.5 years or 60% in 3 years (you get to choose out of these 2 options). Ticket size starts as low as Rs.15 lakhs and your investment is protected via a post dated cheque and an indemnity bond. Your returns are guaranteed irrespective of market prices and conditions and property status.

High Rental Income generating Hotel Apartments

These assets help you generate a steady stream of high monthly income of Rs.35,000 to 85,000 on an investment of just Rs.40 to 85 lakhs, giving you an annual ROI of 10% to 15% p.a and your investment of Rs.4o to 85 lakhs is payable in 16 to 18 instalments over 2 to 3 years time, making it easy on your pocket.

Residential Plots or Gated Community Farmland Plots on outskirts of Major Cities

These traditional forms of investment give you safe and guaranteed way to create tremendous wealth in the mid to long term. Plots are a scarce and depleting resource in major cities of India and as cities begin to saturate, these plots will increase in value manifold and as a result, farmlands on the outskirts of cities will see an increased demand as property in city will soon become exhorbitantly expensive.

Step 3

How Long Can You Stay Invested?

The investment horizon or holding period (i.e. how long you hold on to the investment before exiting the same) will also play a big role in helping you select which asset type to invest in.

SHORT TERM (3 to 5 years)

In real estate, you should stay invested for a minimum of 3 years to earn good ROI and this thumb rule holds good irrespective of what kind of asset you are investing in. If you are looking to exit within 3 to 5 years, your best options are :

Pre-Launch Offers

Invest in top projects of leading builders at a discounted rate before the project is launched to public at a higher rate – giving you assured & immediate price advantage. Pay just 20% and rest can be funded through a home loan. We will help you sell post project completion for 50% to 100% ROI in 3 to 4 years.

Legally Guaranteed Capital Gains of 30% in 1.5 Years and 60% in 3 Years

These ZERO RISK investments give you legally assured returns which are guaranteed to you irrespective of market conditions or project status. These require 100% downpayment and your investment is secured through a post dated cheque & indemnity bond.

Free Pre-EMI Schemes

Invest by paying just 20% of total property cost & you pay nothing else as rest 80% is funded via home loan on which builder pays interest on your behalf until completion of project. We will help you resell at completion and you can earn 100% to 150% ROI in 3 to 5 years.

LONG TERM (5 years and more)

If you are in no hurry to sell and can hold on to your investment for more than 5 years, the best options are :

High Rental Income generating Hotel Apartments

These affordable and small ticket size investments of Rs.24 to 90 lakhs will generate high monthly income of Rs.20,000 to 80,000 per month respectively and should ideally be held for atleast 10 years or more to reap maximum ROI.

Commercial Assets

These are big ticket investments starting at a minimum of Rs.5 crores and upwards and are mainly meant for generating fixed rental income through very long term leases.

Residential Plots or Gated Community Farmland Plots on outskirts of Major Cities

These are very simple and straight-forward small ticket size investments that you can invest in and resell after holding it for atleast 5 years or more and in the process, expect to easily double your money – which is a healthy ROI of 20% per annum on average.

With the Modi government in place, India is going to be a one way growth story and Bangalore will lead the table as it is the most vibrant, time tested & stable market of the country.

Keeping all the above in mind, you should definitely consider investing in atleast one of the above opportunities to get started.

To know more about each of the asset categories explained above, read our Model Portfolio© – a suggested mix of the above mentioned assets designed to help you deploy a range of investable funds ranging from Rs.30 lakhs to Rs.1 Crore plus and multiples thereof.

Using this Model Portfolio©, you can create your own basket of investments for Rs.30 lakhs, Rs.50 lakhs, Rs.60 lakhs, Rs.80 lakhs or Rs.1 Crore and more by mixing and matching above mentioned investment opportunities.

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