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The Smartest Way to Invest
Rs.30 Lakhs to Rs.1 Crore
in Indian Real Estate

What is this Model Portfolio?

This portfolio is a suggested mix of our top 6 globally acclaimed real estate investment categories, using which you can design your own customized basket of diversified investments – to suit a range of budgets, from Rs.30 lakhs to Rs.1 Crore and beyond.

This portfolio has become a raging success around the world with salaried professionals, business owners, NRIs and HNIs alike and you should take full advantage of these top recommendations by getting started with a combination of these assets that are in most cases, available ONLY to our investors.

Investment Options

available to you today


High Monthly Rental Income
Serviced Hotel Apartments

These assets help you earn a steady stream of high monthly rental income of Rs.25,000 to 55,000 on an investment of just Rs.36 to 80 lakhs, giving you an annual ROI of 8% to 10% p.a – which is 3 times greater than the rental income of regular apartments and villas.


Amaravati – India’s Most Promising Market

Amaravati – Andhra Pradesh’s new capital is being planned with a vision to be India’s best city. Being a virgin market, it provides for exciting opportunities that have higher potential than most matured markets across India and hence should be a part of anyone’s portfolio (whether they are Telugite or not). G&C has taken up 600 acres around Amaravati to develop the best of each category in residential, commercial and resort townships (riverfront).


12% p.a. Fixed Monthly Interest
Payment Scheme

Earn assured monthly interest of 12% per Annum paid out on the 1st of very month to your bank account. A great way to create a stream of assured monthly income for your family. You can start off with as less as just Rs.10 lakhs (& multiples of Rs.5 lakhs thereof) and you start earning from Day 1 of your investment.


Pre-Launch Offers
(Apartments & Villas)

Invest in top projects of leading builders at a discounted rate before the project is launched to public at a higher rate – giving you assured & immediate price advantage. Pay just 20% and rest is funded through a loan. You can resell on completion of construction & earn 50% to 100% ROI in 3 to 4 years, even after deducting the EMIs paid on your loan.


Residential Villa Plots
or Farmland Plots

These traditional forms of investment give you safe and guaranteed way to create tremendous wealth in the mid to long term. You invest ONLY to resell after 4 to 5 years and earn between 75% to 100% in 4 to 5 years time – effectively doubling your money in 5 years or earning 20% ROI per annum on average.


Free Pre-EMI Schemes

Invest by paying just 20% of total property cost & you pay nothing else as rest 80% is funded via home loan on which builder pays interest on your behalf until completion of project. We will help you resell at completion and you can earn 100% to 150% ROI in 3 to 5 years.

Suggested Mix & Allocation

Shown below are 3 model portfolios that show you how you can build a basket of assets to suit a range of budgets, from Rs.30 lakhs to 1 crore.

Using these suggested portfolios, you can create your own mix of assets based on your TOTAL BUDGET  which is the SUM of your personal funds (i.e. what you can pay from your own pocket) and your home loan eligibility.

Investing using a home loan is a smarter way to create wealth as the money you borrow at 6.7% interest rate is being invested in an asset that grows your investment by atleast 15% to 20% per annum, which means your are using bank’s money to make profits.

.  Ballpark Estimates of Home Loan Eligibility   

  • Resident Indians: If you earn Rs.1,00,000 per month, you are eligible for a loan of Rs.50 lakhs.
  • NRIs: On If you earn $100,000 per annum, you are eligible for a loan of Rs.1.5 crores (approx $250,000).
  • If your spouse is also an earning member, you can jointly apply for a loan that will be / combine your incomes to arrive at a much larger loan eligibility.
  • If you are not aware of your loan eligibility, you can get a free assessment by writing to Jhashank at

Portfolio 1

Rs. 30 Lakhs

Approx USD 50,000
  • Monthly Income Asset
    Rs.8 to 12 lakhs
    payable over 30 days
  • Amaravati – Villa Plots
    Rs.18 to 22 lakhs
    payable immediately

Portfolio 2Most Popular

Rs. 50 Lakhs

Approx USD 80,000
  • Monthly Income Asset
    Rs.8 to 12 lakhs
    payable over 30 days
  • Amaravati – Villa Plots
    Rs.18 to 22 lakhs
    payable immediately
  • 12% p.a. Fixed Monthly Interest Payment Offer
    Rs.20 Lakhs payable

Portfolio 3

Rs. 100 Lakhs

Approx USD 165,000
  • Monthly Income Asset #1
    Rs.8 to 12 lakhs
    payable over 30 Days
  • Monthly Income Asset #2
    Rs.24 to 30 lakhs
    payable over 45 days
  • Amaravati – Villa Plots
    Rs.40 Lakhs payable
  • 12% p.a. Fixed Monthly Interest Payment Offer
    Rs.20 Lakhs payable

Your Next Step

Now that you have an idea of various asset categories and how you can allocate the money, click the button below to study a more detailed overview of the asset categories mentioned above, the suggested allocation towards each category, the returns you can expect from each of them and finally, links to detailed offer document of each of those assets.