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One man’s pain is another man’s gain.

While it is not something we should be generally happy about, this may be the best time for all NRIs who have been waiting for an opportunity to invest in India. With the rupee currently at 53 levels and likely to drop to 55 in a few weeks, this is a golden chance for all NRIs not just in US but also in other locations like UK, Singapore and Australia to transfer their surplus income to India as they can take advantage of a unusually high exchange rate. As RBI is set to interfere and stop this slide, it is prudent to act quick and make a decision in the next few days as you or your NRI relatives and friends may not get another such chance for a very long time.

To know the latest opportunities for investments in India – including rare capital guaranteed buy back schemes that legally guarantee 50% to 100% returns on your investment in 18 to 30 months time; free pre-EMI interest schemes where builder pays the interest on your home loan untill completion of project where you can make assured gains of 50% to 150% gains in 2 years; and much more – visit our Current Offers Page to view list of projects listed according to your city of interest. You can also get in touch with any of our team members by calling our office at +9180-41520808.

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By Jhashank Roy Chowdary (About the Author)

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