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 Frequently Asked Questions 
for Starlit Suites

High  Monthly  Rental  Income  Generating  Hotel  Apartment  Investment

Over the last few years, based on numerous interactions with 1000s of prospective investors, we have created a very comprehensive database of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that can help you find answers to almost any question or concern that you may have regarding this unique high monthly rental income asset.

We have divided these questions into 4 different categories as explained below to make it easier for you to navigate the contents and help you find what you are looking for, quickly and easily.

We strongly recommend that you spend some quality time to go through all below questions as doing so will give you tremendous confidence and belief in this unique investment asset in India.

If you still cannot find answers to your questions from this section, please feel free to contact us (click here for contact details) and we will be glad to answer the same.

 Section 1 
Income Related Questions

This section is THE MOST IMPORTANT out of all 4 sections and will talk about any and all income related queries such as :

  • How and why Starlit Suites is able to generate such high rental income,
  • How and why investors can assume that income is guaranteed although there is no minimum promised or guaranteed rental amount on paper,
  • How and why Starlit Suites is a much better investment in comparison to other forms of investments available in India,
  • What are the risks of this investment,
  • Are investors compensated for any delays in construction of building in commencement of operations?
  • Anything else that has to do with the advantages & strengths of this investment.

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 Section 2 
Financial / Cost / Payment / Taxation Related Questions

This section will address queries regarding the :

  • Cost / price of purchasing and owning Starlit Suite units,
  • Additional charges or cost involved to the investor (if any) in running the show,
  • How or why Starlit Suites is cheaper than other residential apartments (even though on the face of it, Starlit seems to be a lot more expensive than regular apartments),
  • How all units are equally priced irrespective of floor or facing of units,
  • How is income from Starlit Suites taxed in investor’s hand,
  • Tax benefits available on this investment,
  • Availability of Home loan for you to invest in Starlit Suites,
  • Any other question related to cost of investment etc.

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 Section 3 
Lease, Rental Management Agreement & Other Documentation Related Questions

This section will address queries regarding :

  • The lease / rental management agreement that investors sign with Starlit Suites to operate their unit,
  • Booking procedure and formalities involved in this investment,
    ownership & resale related queries,
  • Compensation to the investors (if any) for delay in construction or commencement of operations by operator,
  • What happens or alternative uses of their units if operator is either unable to generate business (which is highly impossible and is only for argument’s sake / imaginary scenario) or decides to end the management agreement and leave the hotel, and
  • Any other documentation or legality related queries that prospective investors may have.

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 Section 4 
NRI Related Questions

This section is more to address concerns or queries specific to NRIs – which is predominantly about :

  • Are there any implications or extra procedures or paperwork involved for NRIs to invest in property / Starlit Suites in India.
  • Can NRIs get a home loan in India to purchase Starlit Suites and if yes, what is the paperwork/procedure involved?
  • How is income for NRIs taxed in India?

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