G&C Investor Seminars
across USA

26th May to 4th July 2017


St.Louis, MO
29th May, Monday
Dinner Seminar

Memphis, TN
30th May, Tuesday
Dinner Seminar

Peoria, IL
1st June, Thursday
Dinner Seminar

Moline, IL
3rd June, Sat
Dinner Seminar

Indianapolis, IN
5th June, Monday
One-on-One Meets

Columbus, OH
6th June, Tuesday
One-on-One Meets

Harrisburg, PA
7th June, Wed
One-on-One Meets

New Jersey, NJ
9th June, Friday
Dinner Seminar

Los Angeles, CA
18th June, Sunday
Lunch Seminar

Sunnyvale, CA
19th June, Monday
Dinner Seminar

Dublin, CA
20th June, Tuesday
Dinner Seminar

Fremont, CA
21st June, Wed
Dinner Seminar

Sacramento, CA
22nd June, Thu
Dinner Seminar

Milpitas, CA
23rd June, Friday
Dinner Seminar

Chicago, IL
28th & 29th June
One-on-One Meets

Chicago, IL
30th Jun to 2nd Jul
NATS Sambaralu

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After conducting over 500+ Investor Seminars across India, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and the Middle East – which have directly benefitted over 6500 NRIs – we are excited to be back in USA for our 2nd set of roadshows for 2017.

 By attending these free Investors’ Seminars, you and your friends & colleagues can learn about : 

  • Latest Market Trends & Investment Opportunities for NRIs in Indian Real Estate
  • 12 Common Mistakes made by NRIs while Investing in Indian Real Estate
  • Repatriation & Taxation of NRI Investments in India
  • Special Focus on AMARAVATI : The $8 Billion Capital City of Andhra Pradesh and how you can participate and benefit from the same, as even non-Andhrites are keen to invest in this futuristic capital city.

These seminars are highly appreciated and recommended by all attendees (we have been conducting them across all key cities of USA for the last 11 years) as they give you a very comprehensive & detailed overview of latest investment opportunities from the top builders of India through which you can earn ROI of 50% to 200% in 3 to 4 years.

These seminars are followed by either hi-tea or cocktails & lunch / dinner and hence you will also get to interact with our core team members to discuss your personal investment in detail, on a one-to-one basis.

And lastly, as our Founder Chairman is a Telugite, he will also be covering the latest investment opportunities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as an additional feature.

Major Attractions

You will learn about below 3 unique investment opportunities available across key cities of India and which are available BY INVITATION ONLY & EXCLUSIVELY to G&C patrons and are not generally available in the open market.


High Monthly Income Generating Serviced Hotel Apartments

  • Earn Rs.25,000 to 85,000 / $360 to $1250 per month on an investment of just Rs.30 to 90 lakhs / $44,000 to 130,000.
  • This is 3 to 4 times greater than the average rental income from apartments or villas.
  • ZERO Maintenance & Stress Free Income for next 20 Years
  • AVAILABLE @ Hyderabad, Pune, Tirupati, Delhi-Neemrana, Shirdi, Cochin, Trivandrum.

(Although we closed this category recently, we will still accept a few bookings as goodwill measure during this USA trip)

Legally Guaranteed Capital Gains of 30% in 1.5 Years & 60% in 3 Years

  • Earn legally assured returns of 30% in 1.5 Years or 60% in 3 Years through a buyback from the builder.
  • Your returns are guaranteed via Post Dated Cheque and backed up by Allotment Letter for Property worth the Buyback Amount
  • Your returns are thus guaranteed irrespective of market prices or project status.
  • AVAILABLE @ Bangalore & Amaravati / Vijayawada

 Option 3 

Exclusive Pre-Launch Offers from Top Builders of India

  • Invest in signature projects at a discounted price before the project is launched to public at a higher price – giving you an immediate price advantage.
  • You have to pay just 20% to 25% & balance is funded through a home loan, through our in-house services.
  • You can expect to sell the property in 3 to 4 years for average ROI of 50% to 200%.

Special Focus : Amaravati & Andhra Pradesh

The new $8 billion capital city of Andhra Pradesh presents unlimited growth opportunities for the next few decades, powered by important economic advantages, entrepreneurial spirit of Andhrites and dynamism of the Government.

Get to know the Masterplan for Amaravati, latest on-ground developments, overall market sentiment, best investment hotspots and why this is the best time for you to invest.

Alakananda Riverfront

Invest in the Best of Amaravati Growth Story

G&C is proud to conceptualise and develop the best projects of their category in Apartments, Villas, Villa Plots and Resort Plots, spanning 600 acres around Amaravati.

The flagship project ALAKANANDA Riverfront is a 300 acre Integrated Township of Villa Plots & Villas on the Banks of the Krishna River and has been accorded the status of Integrated Mega Tourism Infrastructure Development (IMTID) by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.

Seminar Locations across USA

 Please click on any city of your choice for information on the seminar venue & timings and to sign up for alerts / reminders for the same. 

Prior registration is NOT MANDATORY. You can simply walk-in & register for free at the venue.


29th May (Monday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6 PM


30th May (Tuesday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


1st June (Thursday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


3rd June (Saturday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6 PM


5th June (Monday)
One-on-One Meetings / Follow-Up


6th June (Tuesday)
One-on-One Meetings / Follow-Ups


7th June (Wednesday)
One-on-One Meetings / Follow-Ups


9th June (Friday)
Dinner Seminar


18th June (Sunday)
Lunch Seminar – 11.30 AM


19th June (Monday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


20th June (Tuesday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


21st June (Wednesday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


22nd June (Thursday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


23rd June (Friday)
Dinner Seminar @ 6.30 PM


28th & 29th June
One-on-One Meetings / Follow-Up


30th June to 2nd July
NATS Sambaralu 2017

Contact Us

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Divyendu Roy Chowdary
+1 845 248 0012

Jhashank Roy Chowdary
+1 972 352 3413

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