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Would you be excited if you could generate a monthly income of Rs.35,000/- to Rs.70,000/- with absolutely no effort or time invested on your part?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in an asset that generates a steady and high monthly income ranging from 12% to 20% with a very low capital requirement?

One investment category that has ALWAYS appealed to all kinds of investors is the REGULAR or MONTHLY INCOME asset. Investors, both big and small have always made sure to invest a certain portion of their savings into such regular income schemes. The reasons why this asset class is so appealing are many, and a few of them are as below :

i)    It gives a sense of comfort to salaried class that if they were to lose their jobs, their family could always fall back on such rental income as a stop gap arrangement until they find their next employment.

ii)   Its an additional source of income that has the potential to substantially enhance your standard of living and help you achieve your major goals in life such as buying your dream home, a luxury car or that long pending world tour!

iii)   Gives people the freedom to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by substituting their salaries with such monthly income.

iv)   Provides opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolio, and much more.

Although the benefits are immense, the real challenge in making such an investment lies in the fact that in today’s markets, an investor should be able to bring in atleast Rs.5 to Rs.10 crores or more in order to invest in a commercial asset that can generate healthy long term returns. As a result, this opportunity was reserved only for a few HNIs who could pump in such massive amounts. But this is not the case anymore.

Now you have the chance to secure a high monthly income asset which will generate returns of 12% to 26% with an investment of just Rs.35 lakhs onwards (which is payable over 2 years time). G&C is proud to bring this unique investment opportunity to South India for which it holds an exclusive mandate. A proven business model that is already running successfully in North India, it has become an instant hit with our investors whereby the first phase of this project at Electronic City Bangalore was sold out in a record breaking 2 months (126 units in just under 60 days flat).

How does it work?

To give you a quick overview of this unique investment and how it can generate class leading returns for you, below is the brief explanation of the first such project facilitated by us in Bangalore (where we had a record breaking sale of 126 units in just 2 months with the project getting fully sold out). The basic concept works like this :

The project is an 18 storied tower consisting of 126 single bedroom studio units, each of the same size (670 sft) and layout and priced at Rs.29 lakhs. 100% of this 29 Lakhs will go towards securing the above studio unit (fully furnished and fully air conditioned) including registration etc., over a period of 2 years from the date of paying booking amount of just Rs.2 lakhs. After the booking amount has been paid, the balance can be paid in equal instalments over the next 2 years until completion of construction. You can also take a home loan whereby you pay 20% of the unit cost from your pocket and the rest 80% is funded by bank (which you pay-off as EMIS over the next 20 years).

After construction and fitout is completed (which takes 2 years time), all the 126 studio units will be handed over for initial period of 15 years to a leading serviced hotel suites operator – Starlit Suites (On the lines of operators like Oakwood and Frazers of international fame).

The operator then starts renting out these studio units to corporate guests on a per night basis and the entire revenue generated by the building is pooled together and then equally divided among all the unit owners/investors resulting in a steady stream of monthly income to the investors. This income ranges from 10% per annum in the first year of operations and goes up as high as 22% per annum in 15 years time which translates into an unbelievable monthly income of Rs.35,000/- to Rs.60,000/-. For investors who take a bank loan, the monthly income is enough to pay off the EMIs and from the third year onwards, you will have excess income remaining even after paying off the EMIs.

G&C has the exclusive mandate for Starlit Group for its expansion in South India and going ahead, we are launching the same project/concept across India’s key markets like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Tirupati, Vizag, Mumbai and many more to come. Each such project will slightly differ in terms of investment sizes but the overall concept and returns model remains the same.

To know more about this concept and latest launches available for investment, visit the “Monthly Income Asset” page on our website.

By Jhashank Roy Chowdary (About the Author)

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