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Many a times, the biggest challenge in investments is knowing where and how to start. You may have an abundance of funds and a keen desire to start, but if you don’t start at the right place and in the right way, chances are you’ll end up with a bad taste. One must have a long term strategy to invest in real estate.

The one question that we get asked the most by our patrons is : “How do I start?”

1) Invest own funds of Rs.15 to Rs.20 lakhs & get into a good apartment by credible builders at the pre-launch stage (wherein you pay 20% down-payment and bank loan funds the balance cost of the apartment). You can then resell this apartment through G&C just before registration and make atleast Rs.15 – 20 lakhs net gains in 2.5 years which means 100% capital gains after meeting pre-EMI on bank loans and our standard service fee.

2) Invest own funds of Rs.40 to Rs.50 lakhs & get into a high-end flat, duplex, or entry level villa (wherein you pay 20% down-payment and bank loan funds the balance cost of the property). You can resell this property through G&C just before registration and make Rs.60 to Rs.70 lakhs in 2.5 years which again means a capital gain of 100%.

In case of villas, the gains could go even upto Rs.1.0 crore, making 200% gains possible.


Besides point 1 and 2 as above, you must also invest simultaneously in a secured high monthly income asset for family. This will provide your family with a safe landing in India incase of NRIs as they can then take courage of moving back to India without worry of secure job income.

  • Imagine how it would be if you could earn a passive income Rs.35,000/- to Rs.40,000/- per month, with a capital investment of just Rs.10 lakhs?! (the rest is funded by bank loan*)
  • Imagine the possibilities and liberation that this income could give you when you relocate to India or even in your present country of residence.
  • Imagine your spouse quitting her/his job to assist your family by replacing her/his income with this rare monthly income asset.

A unique concept that G&C has bought to South India, this monthly income asset earns you returns of 12% per annum to begin with, which grows to 18 – 25% in 8 to 15 years time. Good news is that these assets are priced from as low as Rs.35 lakhs a unit and go upto Rs.90 lakhs.

Which in turn means that you can invest in this project with personal funds of just Rs.9 to 10 lakhs (and the rest is funded by bank loan which you can repay over a period of 15 – 20 years). And irrespective of amount of capital you invest and the location of investments, you will earn an average returns starting at 12% pa going upto 20 – 22% by the 9th or 10th year of investment and even upto 25% by 15th year of investment.

Contact us to know more about these stunning monthly income opportunities. You can also click here to read up on our first such project in Bangalore (in which all 126 units were sold out in just 60 days!) to get in-depth idea of how this investment works.

We are sure that this is running through your mind too and to help you in this regard, below is a series of steps which will brief you on how you can start off on your journey of wealth creation :

To know more about the latest wealth creation opportunities across all leading cities of South India, click here.

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