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Here are 6 reasons why Real Estate is THE BEST investment class compared to all other forms of investment.

1. Basic Human Requirement : “ROTI, KAPDA aur MAKAAN.” As this timeless saying goes, real estate is one of the very basic fundamental requirements of each & every human being. And hence this very nature of real estate being a need-driven commodity, stands as a guarantee to its performance as an investment. Therefore, irrespective of the state of economy, come rain or shine, there will always be someone looking to buy a home.

2. Low Risk Investment : Real estate is among the safest avenues of investment. Unlike the stock market where you are investing in an electronic share of the company, real estate is a PHYSICAL commodity and hence, if invested correctly and using credible information and guidance, it is one of the safest investment options you can ever get. When you buy real estate, you are in possession of a PHYSICAL entity which is tangible and which will last forever unlike other forms of investment where all you have in your possession, is a piece of paper. 

3. Non Volatile Investment : Unlike other financial markets which are cyclical in nature and very volatile and unpredictable, real estate due to its very nature of being a need driven market, is usually very stable and slow to rise or fall. Even if it were to fluctuate, it would be a slow and gradual movement. You will rarely notice a sudden dip in prices (except in rare cases of political and/or economic turmoil) as this is not a speculative market and it gives a clear indication for people to know when a change is coming.

4. Handsome Returns : If invested properly and using credible resources and guidance, real estate has proven time and again to be the best and largest wealth creator for generations for investors in the long run along with equity markets. And the icing on the cake is that unlike equity markets which are risky and require continuous monitoring, real estate is relatively risk-free and needs a review just once or twice a year. This way, you don’t just make maximum gains with lowest possible risk, but you also save a lot of precious time that you would have otherwise spent in monitoring your investments on a regular basis.

5. Incredible Tax Benefits : Investing smartly in real estate is one of the best ways to not just to create wealth but also to save tax. For example, if you purchase a home by taking a bank loan, the principal payment and interest portion is eligible for tax benefits (under Section 24 and 80C). Buy a second house and you can save even more in taxes!

6. Leveraging the POWER of DEBT : Common wisdom refrains you from using debt to make investments. But when it comes to real estate, leveraging debt is one of the smartest ways to make incredible gains on your capital. Banks and Housing Finance companies are more than willing to lend you funds to purchase that dream home you have been planning for. By taking a home loan, you enjoy appreciation on an asset that you purchase with borrowed money. This way you get to keep the cake and eat it too!

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