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High Monthly Rental Income
Serviced Apartments @

Earn Rs.30,000 to 45,000 per month
by investing in Serviced Hotel Apartments in RAJARHAT
– the IT Hub of KOLKATA

On an investment of just Rs.41.16 lakhs (Studio) and Rs.66.69 lakhs (1 BHK)
(all-inclusive of GST + registration + stamp duty + furniture & fitouts)

Construction 90% Complete (RERA Registered)
  Start earning from end of February 2024  

3x GREATER Rental Income
than Normal Apartments

SAVE TAX (80C & 24)
Upto Rs.3,50,000 p.a.

with 20 Year Lease

Pre-Approved by Top Banks

Managed by India’s Leading
Hotel Apartment Operator

Hotel Apartments in India

7 Free Days across India

Bangalore, Cochin & Delhi

Rajarhat (next to DLF)

90% completed

Start earning rental income from end of  February 2024 

Artist’s Rendering of Starlit Suites Kolkata

Civil works almost completed, finishing & interiors in progress…

Final Coat of Interior Paint pending, followed by interiors…

Furniture being installed, followed by furnishing…

Short Story

A quick 2-minute overview to give you a complete picture.

Once you are done reading this, scroll down further to read a more detailed version.

Buying & renting out regular apartments will give you only 2.5% to 3% ROI per annum.

You can earn THREE TIMES AS MUCH (i.e. 8% to 10% per annum) by investing in Serviced Hotel Apartments.

How Does this Work?
(in 3 simple steps)

Step 1
You invest in a fully furnished & air-conditioned Studio or 1 BHK hotel apartment that will be built like a 3 star hotel & will be registered in your name
(just like buying a regular apartment anywhere in India)

Step 2
India’s leading operator (Starlit Suites) will then market & operate this entire tower as a 3 star serviced hotel apartment for employees of top MNCs / Fortune 500 firms in & around Rajarhat to stay when they travel on work

(operator has rate contracts with over 250 leading IT companies / MNCs to ensure high & consistent demand for rooms throughout the year)

Step 3
At the end of each month, total rental income of the ENTIRE tower (that is total revenue from ALL ROOMS PUT TOGETHER, BEFORE any expenses are deducted) is shared in a 50:50 ratio between you & the operator

(income is divided equally among all investors in the building)

This means you earn approx Rs.30,000 to 45,000 per month on an investment of Rs.41.16 & 66.69 lakhs (Studio & 1 BHK respectively)
a staggering 8% to 10% ROI per annum!

or 3 times Greater Income than that of regular apartments anywhere in India – which is just 2.5% to 3% p.a!

Actual Photos of Starlit Suites
Already operating @ Bangalore, Kochi & Delhi-NCR

You can see that ambiance & quality of rooms are on par with 3-star hotels.

You earn income even if your room is VACANT / NOT OCCUPIED the whole month!

Since income from all the rooms is combined into a single bucket and then divided EQUALLY among all investors, you earn continuous income even if your unit is not rented out!

Gross Income Sharing (not just Profit!)

You are paid 50% of total GROSS INCOME itself (that is total revenue BEFORE expenses are deducted) – which means the operator cannot manipulate figures or cheat you.
(all expenses are paid by operator out of HIS SHARE of income, hence you dont have to worry about any losses!)

Audited Statement Every 3 Months

You will receive a Chartered Accountant’s report every 3 months showing complete revenue for the last 3 months from all rooms and of that, how much has been paid to you and how much to the operator – bringing total transparency.

Strict Compensation for Delays!

Project is RERA / WBHIRA Registered (HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000173) – incase of any delays, builder pays you compensation as per RERA rules (approx 10% per annum) which is higher than the actual rental income itself!
– Construction is already @ 90% completion
 – Start earning by end of February 2024

SAVE TAX on upto Rs.3,50,000 per Year!
Making this one of the most tax efficient investments in India!
Upto Rs.2,00,000 under Section 24
Upto Rs.1,50,000 under Section 80C
30% Standard Deduction on Rental Income

By the 3rd year, income expected to be greater than your EMI, making this a completely self-sustaining asset.
Pre-approved by HDFC & ICICI
Upto 70% funded via home loan
Pay only 30% from your pocket
(approx Rs.16 lakhs for Studio / Rs.28 Lakhs for 1 BHK)

Studio (447 Sft) : Rs.41.16 Lakhs
1 BHK (726 Sft) : Rs.66.69 Lakhs
this price is INCLUSIVE of
– complete furniture & fitouts
– registration & stamp duty
– GST & all other charges

You need just Rs.8 to 10 lakhs for downpayment
– and only Rs.4 to 6 lakhs to start your booking!

After Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR and Pune, Kolkata is the 5th largest IT hub of India!

India’s most premier IT & FMCG companies have set-up big offices in Rajarhat and many more are on the way.

There is hence a tremendous demand for affordable serviced apartments like these and hence the perfect time for you to invest!

Invest today & start earning high rental income from end of February 2024!

Continue reading for a detailed explanation (location map, floor plans, income projections, payment schedule & more) and for questions & site visit, call Roy Chowdary on +91 8500002480

Enjoy Stress-Free Rental Income!

Why go through all the stress & hassles of buying & renting out property on your own to earn just 2% to 3% per annum, when you can earn almost 3 times as much – i.e. 8% to 10% per annumwithout any maintenance or involvement from your side by investing in these serviced apartments?!

What is Starlit Suites / Serviced Hotel Apartment Concept?

Starlit Suites is a leading 3-star serviced hotel apartment operator of India and by investing in their hotel apartments in Kolkata and other major cities, you can earn highest monthly income of Rs.30,000 to 45,000 per month on lowest investment of just Rs.41.16 lakhs (Studio) & Rs.66.69 lakhs (1 BHK) respectively.


  • You invest in a fully furnished, fully air-conditioned and fully serviced hotel apartment (Studio / 1 BHK) that will be built to the standards of a 3 star hotel.
  • The unit is owned completely by you (registered in your name just like any other apartment) but is operated and managed by Starlit Suites Group and marketed to the leading Indian corporates and MNCs (incase of metro cities) and tourists & vacationers / pilgrims (incase of tourist or spiritual destinations like Shirdi & Tirupati)  as a 3 star extended stay serviced hotel apartment.
  • The operator already has rate contracts and formal tie-ups with over 200 leading companies in India – including many Fortune 500 firms such as Cisco, Dell, HP, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc – whos’ employees stay in these hotel apartments when they travel on work, thus giving the operator assured business / occupancy throughout the year.
  • Incase of spiritual destinations like Shirdi and Tirupati, the operator has tie-ups with leading travel agencies, online portals (like / / etc) and event management companies to capture casual tourists / vacationers / pilgrims as well – in addition to corporates.
  • The total gross revenue generated by all the units in the entire hotel apartment tower is then shared in a 50:50 ratio between you (the investor/owner) and Starlit Suites (the operator).
  • This means you earn rental ROI of 8% to 10% in the beginning – which is 4 times greater than rental income from normal apartments or villas – and the income grows to as much as 20% per annum over time.
  • The operator Starlit Suites is a leading player in his category and is currently managing hotel apartments at Bangalore, Cochin, Pune & Delhi-Neemrana, with towers under construction at 6 more cities of India.

Continue reading to know more and also see the “ANNEXURE” section at the end of this offer document for exhaustive information on income projections, payment schedule, location map, floor plans and much more.

Located in the heart of Rajarhat – Kolkata’s IT Hub

Also called “New Town Kolkata”

Starlit Suites Kolkata is located right next to DLF IT Park / across the road to TCS Gitanjali Tech Park (the largest of West Bengal) and is in close proximity to many other IT parks, hospitals and entertainment hubs in a 5 kms radius. It is also very close to the airport as well as Salt Lake Sector 5 which host many of Kolkata’s largest IT parks and offices. 

DLF IT Park Phase 2
Right next door…

Salt Lake Sector 5
5 Kms or 11 Minutes

Kolkata International Airport
12 Kms or 25 Minutes

Starlit Suites Kolkata - Google Map with Surroundings

Some of the largest companies / employers in Rajarhat, Kolkata…

the list goes on and is expanding every day.

General Economic
Ambience of Kolkata

In our interactions with potential buyers, we realized there was a slight misconception in general about the investment climate and living standards & infrastructure in Kolkata given that the government has sometimes been portrayed as regressive towards new age industries and economic development.
However, the situation on the ground is very different, with roads and general infrastructure in the newer parts of the city like Salt Lake City, Rajarhat and Newtown being developed to the best of standards and sometimes even better than core IT cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad.
For the comfort of potential investors, we have compiled a collection of photos showing the general ambience of the city’s newer neighborhoods, especially where Starlit Suites is located.
Many investors in this project have never even been to Kolkata in their life and have invested purely based on the facts and pictures, including the almost absent supply of branded service apartments for extended corporate stay in this region.

DLF IT Park 2, right next door to us…

DLF IT Park 2, right next door to us…

TCS Gitanjali Tech Park, across the road to us…

TCS Gitanjali Tech Park, across the road to us…

Candor TechSpace, 5 minutes away…

Candor TechSpace, 5 minutes away…

Casadona IT Park, 5 minutes away…

Synthesis Business Park, 11 minutes away…

Tata Medical Center, 7 minutes away…

Kolkata International Airport, just 22 minutes / 10 Kms away…

Biswa Bangla Convention Center, just 7 minutes away…

Biswa Bangla Circle, just 7 minutes away…

The Newtown School, 8 minutes away…

Millennium City IT Park, under 20 minutes from here…

Why should you invest
in Starlit Suites?

Much Greater Rental Income than that of Normal Apartments

Purchasing a regular apartment and then renting it out will only give you 2% to 3% returns per annum. In comparison, serviced apartments give you 8% to 10% ROI per annum.

NO Maintenance Charges + Stress-Free Management

These hotel apartments are managed & maintained completely by the operator at his cost – thus freeing you of the hassles involved in renting out property on your own.

Tried & Tested Model + Exploding Demand for Hotel Apartments

Over 380 investors round the world are already reaping benefits of this investment as Starlit Suites – with their rich experience of 37 years in hotel industry – has perfected this model over the last 6 years and is successfully operating 4 hotel apartments at Bangalore, Delhi-Neemrana, Pune & Kochi.

Highly Affordable Price & Relaxed Payment Schedules

Units start as low as Rs.41.16 lakhs, making this very affordable. You also get loans from HDFC & ICICI for upto 70% of unit cost, which means you pay just 30% or Rs.16 lakhs from your pocket and rest is funded by bank.

Timely & Automated Payment of Monthly Income to Your Bank Account

Each month’s income is credited directly to your bank account through ECS on the 25th of the following month, making collection of rent a stress-free and automated experience. You don’t have to worry about timely payments or collection and encashments of cheques etc.

Seven Days Free Stay across India

 – You get 7 days free stay for 1 unit owned by you per year with complimentary breakfast.
– Out of this, 4 days can be at any location where Starlit is operating and balance 3 days can be availed at the location where you have invested (in this case, Kolkata).
– You can accumulate the same for 2 years and also can gift free stays to family, friends and colleagues.

Asset Pays for Itself & Becomes Free in 8 Years

Unlike a normal apartment where EMI is 2 to 3 times greater than rental income, incase of serviced apartments, income is always greater than EMI and hence the project pays for itself and due to such excess income, you will recover your entire initial investment (i.e.40% of unit cost) within 8 to 9 years.

Chance to Acquire Property in Prime Locations

Apart from monthly income, you are also going to earn capital gains as you are acquiring an asset in very prime and key commercial localities of key cities of India. Normally, it would not be possible to acquire such prime property at such low ticket sizes and because of this, you will also enjoy tremendous capital gains in addition to high monthly income.

Artist’s Rendering of Starlit Suites Kolkata

How does Starlit Suites serviced apartment generate such high monthly rental income?

  1. A custom designed serviced hotel apartment tower is constructed by a leading builder, with all the facilities of a 3 star hotel such as gym, pool, bar & restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.
    The tower consists of a mix of Studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK units (depending on demand in each market which varies from city to city) which are fully furnished to support extended stays with facilities like microwave, cooktop, fridge, etc.
  2. Individual investors like you would buy 1 or multiple units which will be owned completely by you & registered in your name.
  3. The price quoted is ALL INCLUSIVE – that is, basic cost of the unit plus cost of furniture, fitouts, taxes, deposits, registration and stamp duty.
  4. You pay the total unit cost in instalments linked to progress of construction.
  5. You can get loan for upto 70% of unit cost, which means only 30% is paid by you and balance is funded by bank.
  6. At the time of booking your unit, you also enter into a 20 year RMA (i.e. Rental Management Agreement) with Starlit Suites, the hotel operator.
  7. Once construction is complete, you along with all other unit owners in this hotel apartment will handover the keys of your respective units to Starlit Suites (the operator) on the basis of the above mentioned RMA for next 20 years.
  8. Starlit Suites (the operator) will then bring in manpower and working capital to run this hotel apartment and rent out rooms / units for extended stays to employees of India’s leading corporates and MNCs (including Fortune 500 companies).
  9. The operator has FORMAL TIE-UPS / RATE CONTRACTS with leading firms & MNCs in and around Kolkata and across India (such as TCS, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Capegemini, Accenture, Hitachi, ICICI, etc.) which ensure continuous demand / occupancy for rooms throughout the year.
  10. Incase of spiritual destinations like Shirdi and Tirupati, the operator has tie-ups with leading travel agencies, online portals (like / / etc) and event management companies to capture casual tourists / vacationers / pilgrims as well – in addition to corporates.
  11. The total gross income generated by ALL the units in the tower is then pooled into a SINGLE BUCKET at the end of each month and then 50% of such total income is distributed equally among all investors – ofcourse based on the size of unit / proportion of area owned by them in the tower.
  12. Your share of the above 50% paid to all unit owners translates into annual returns of approx 5% to 6% in Year 1, 7% to 8% in Year 2 and almost 9% to 10% in Year 3 and this keeps increasing year on year to almost 16% % p.a. by 20th year – which means 3 to 5 times greater rental income than that of regular apartments or villas.
  13. You earn income irrespective of whether YOUR unit is rented out / occupied or not :
    Since income of all rooms is pooled into a single bucket and then divided equally among all unit owners, you will earn as much income as any other similar unit owner – irrespective of whether your own particular unit is occupied or not.
  14. No scope for operator to cheat you as you are getting 50% of TOTAL or GROSS INCOME :
    Since you and other unit owners are being given 50% of TOTAL / GROSS income – that is total revenue BEFORE any expenditure is deducted by operator – you will always earn high rental income irrespective of the expenses incurred by the operator.
  15. Income is credited automatically to your bank account every month via ECS :
    Your income is credited directly to your bank account through ECS credit on the 25th of every month – which means absolutely no manual collection of rent cheques!

* For the 1st & 2nd year, you get 40% of total income and from 3rd year onwards, you get 50% of total income. This is done as operator incurs massive expenditure in marketing & promoting the new building in the beginning and is hence given 60% of the total income in the 1st & 2nd year and from 3rd year onwards, the total income is shared equally in a 50:50 ratio between you (the investor) and operator.

What is the rental income per month?

  Income Projection Sheet  

On average & in the beginning, you will earn approx Rs.30,000 per month on a Studio of Rs.41.16 lakhs and approx Rs.45,000 per month on a 1 BHK of Rs.66.69 lakhs – translating to 10% ROI per annum.

Over the next 15 to 20 years, this income will grow to Rs.55,000 & Rs.90,000 per month for a Studio & 1 BHK respectively – translating to almost 16% p.a.

  • For you to know how much you can expect to earn per month from year 1 upto year 20 and beyond, the operator has created a detailed Income Projection Sheet (PDF), based on the occupancy levels he expects to achieve and the room rates he can charge based on the rate contracts that he has with his clients.
  • Operator has assumed average occupancy rate of just 70% throughout the lifetime of the propertywhich is a very conservative estimate as he is running his existing properties at a much higher 75% to 80% on average.
  • Even the room rates he plans to charge are very conservative compared to other hotels in the surrounding areas – infact Starlit Suites gives you 2 to 3 times larger rooms for 50% to 50% LESS than comparable hotels.
  • Click here to view this Income Projection Sheet (will open in a new browser tab/window).

Bigger Rooms

for Lesser Cost 

  • In Rajarhat & Salt Lake Sector V, comparable 3 & 4 star hotels charge between Rs.5,000 to 10,000 per night for a standard double room which is on average 250 to 300 sft in size.
    • Pride Plaza Hotel Kolkata charges Rs.5500 to 7000
    • The Fern Residency charges between Rs.4800 to 8000
    • Swissotel Kolkata – Rs.6,000 to 14,000
    • Novotel Kolkata Hotel and Residences
      • 301 sft room : Rs.6,999 to 9500
      • 473 sft room : Rs.13,759
      • 570 sft room : Rs.18,652 to Rs.21,439
  • Starlit Suites Kolkata on the other hand is giving you a 447 Sft Studio & 726 Sft 1 BHK rooms at an average rate of just Rs.3200 per night – which means you are getting 2 to 3 times larger room for almost 40% to 50% LESS than the cost of comparable hotels in the same area.
  • This makes Starlit Suites an incredible VALUE FOR MONEY option which attracts not only business travellers but also leisure travellers / tourists as well.
    * Prices quoted here for comparable hotels are for a Double Occupancy Cancellable Booking with Breakfast. Many price comparison or online booking websites show prices that are AFTER DISCOUNT / COUPONS and EXCLUDING breakfast or NON-CANCELLABLE rates which might be misleading and hence always consider above when comparing prices with Starlit Suites. Such hidden charges could add as much as 20% to the basic cost of a room.
    While online portals give you massive discounts once in a while, the hotel is actually getting paid a much higher rate as the discount is borne by the booking portal and NOT the hotel.

Look at what comparable top hotels in Rajarhat / Newtown are charging as of today…

Shown below are screenshots of the world’s most popular hotel reservation website – where you can clearly see the kind of rates being charged by top comparable hotels in Rajarhat / Newtown as of today.

Rates shown below are of Standard Double Rooms which are comparable only to Studio rooms in Starlit Suites Kolkata, whereas we will also have much bigger 1 BHKs too.

Therefore, compared to rates of existing hotels, Starlit Suites is going to be much more affordable / cheaper despite providing the same quality of service, amenities and ambience.

Please note that rates shown in below screenshots are EXCLUDING BREAKFAST (unless mentioned), for which you are charged an extra of Rs.450 to 800 per person depending on hotel category.

Enjoy 7 FREE Star Nights per Year

You get 7 nights free stay per unit per year, with complimentary breakfast.
Out of 7 nights, 4 nights can be used at any Starlit Suites tower across India.
8 locations are currently operational / under construction and 20 more in pipeline.

What makes this income so predictable and stable?

What is the guarantee that I will earn the income that is being showcased here?

This model is tried and tested and has been running successfully for the last few years at Bangalore, Cochin & Delhi-NCR Neemrana.

The below features make it a foolproof investment where all your interests are safe guarded & no one can manipulate your investment or its returns.

You Earn Income Even If your Room is Vacant

Since income from all the rooms is combined into a single bucket and then divided equally among all investors irrespective of whether their particular unit is rented out or not – you will still earn as much as every other unit owner in the building. Hence, you need not worry about whether your individual unit is getting rented out or not.

Stable & Predictable Demand Locked-In In Advance

The operator has already established relationships with over 200 MNCs – including many Fortune 500 firms – and signed formal rate contracts with many of them, which gives him assured business / occupancy for rooms throughout the yearwhich in turn means consistent monthly income for you.

Gross Income Sharing : No Scope for Operator to Cheat You

You get 50% of Gross Income – which is TOTAL INCOME BEFORE any expenses are deducted by the Operator – and hence there is no scope for manipulation and making your income independent of expenditure incurred by the operator. This means operator cannot inflate expenses and show less profit to try and cheat you etc.

Audited Statements Issued to You every 3 Months

Once every 3 months, you are given Audit Certificate (issued by a Chartered accountant) giving you details of the entire revenue generated by the building for each month and how that income is being split between operator and investors. This along with above aspect of sharing of gross income will ensure highest level of transparency as this leaves no scope for operator to manipulate accounts in any manner.

No Cash Transactions

Since payments are made by companies by RTGS / cheques or by employees’ credit card, there is hardly any cash involved and hence no scope for operator to manipulate occupancy figures to hide any income. Even incase of bookings by casual travellers, systems have been put in place by the operator to eliminate any unaccounted occupancy.

No Maintenance Charges or Monthly Expenditure

Operator pays all expenditure out of his share of income – hence ZERO expenditure for you as investor

As an investor, you do NOT incur any expenditure for day to day management or operations of the hotel tower.

All expenses are incurred by the operator OUT OF HIS SHARE OF THE INCOME and hence such expenditure does NOT affect YOUR SHARE of income.

    Staff salaries, electricity & water costs, licenses, etc and all and any expenditure related to day to day operations are paid for by the operator out of his share of income and hence will not be paid or shared by you.

    Your unit comes with furniture, appliances and fitouts included, which are executed by the operator to ensure highest quality. Incase of any damage to the items, they are replaced at the cost of the operator and hence you as an investor need not worry about the quality and safety of your furniture or having to pay for repairs and replacements etc.

    The operator takes complete responsibility for maintaining the property on the lines of a 3 / 4 star accommodation AT HIS COST to ensure highest occupancy. This automatically ensures the highest upkeep of your property and strong capital values and appreciation.


  • To keep the hotel fresh, new and relevant to changing tastes and amenities, the operator carries out overhauls / upgrades of major equipments and amenities of the hotel (such as lifts, carpets, exterior facade, power back-up generators, etc) which needs a significant investment once every 8 to 9 years.
  • Instead of expecting investors to invest once again out of their pockets, the operator creates a corpus of funds by setting aside 3% of your share of income into a separate account called a “Sinking Fund”.
  • This money & the interest earned on the same belongs to you and all the other investors jointly is used to make such large changes and overhauls.
  • This way, you will not have to invest extra money once every 8 to 9 years which is very important and has to be done to keep the building and rooms attractive to guests in the long run.

Is there enough demand for serviced apartments in India?

A growing number of business travellers / companies & tourists prefer staying in serviced apartments than hotels because…

For Travellers

  • The operator’s main target is the corporate traveler who travels for training, conferences, exhibitions, short-term projects, etc. where typical stay lasts for 10 to 14 days on average and can extend up to as much as 6 months to 1 year in some cases.
  • Another big target segment are employees who have been relocated to a new city or fresh hires who are being given 15 to 30 days of free accommodation by their employer.
  • Incase of spiritual destinations like Shirdi and Tirupati, even casual tourists / pilgrims are increasingly preferring serviced apartments as rooms are 2 to 3 times larger and more importantly, 30% to 50% CHEAPER than hotel rooms.
  • Such long term travellers always prefer a serviced apartment over a regular hotel because they can cook their own meals, order room delivery of food from their favourite restaurant and entertain guests in their rooms – which is not possible in star hotels.
  • And they can enjoy all of this with an ambiance similar to a 3 star hotel, but in much bigger rooms with more spacegiving them a comfortable “home away from home” feel.

For Companies

  • After salaries and office rent, the 3rd biggest expenditure for companies are employees’ TRAVEL RELATED COSTS.
  • Serviced apartments are 30% to 40% CHEAPER than hotel rooms, which results in tremendous cost savings for companies – especially when employees travel for extended periods.
  • The operator also complies with their requirements for fire and safety measures, ensuring highest safety for their employees in line with corporate insurance policies.
  • This coupled with close proximity of these hotel apartments to major IT/ITES, finance & other business hubs, is greatly contributing to the increasing demand for such corporate serviced residences across India.

Operator Profile and Experience

Starlit Suites – India’s No.1 extended stay serviced apartment operator

To understand their leading position in India in this segment and their unique strengths to ensure good monthly income in the long run, click here to read their profile.

  • There are NO organized or established serviced hotel apartment chains / operators in India, that too with multiple properties across the country.
  • Existing serviced apartments are fragmented, unorganized and mostly run by individuals or part time players who have no expertise in the business and are limited to just one location or city.
  • Starlit Suites is the first organized & branded player in the Extended Stay Segment across India with properties in multiple cities (8 operational / under construction and 20 more in the pipeline) and is hence leading the market.
  • Other hotel brands are focused entirely on the Short Stay Segment which is completely different and DOES NOT COMPETE or COMPARE with serviced apartments – as the target customers, pricing, duration of stay, facilities provided are completely different in both these industries.
  • Starlit Suites focuses purely on Extended Stay segment for corporate travellers which has a much larger audience + consistent, predictable and growing volumes year after year.

Can you sell this apartment after sometime & exit?

YES you can.

You can sell your unit to anyone at any point of time and exit with substantial capital gains, in addition to the monthly income that you would have earned until then.

Massive Demand for High Monthly Income Assets

  • Current FD rates in India are at an all-time low of 6.75% per annum and are set to fall further to as low as 5% over the next few years.
  • Rental income from residential property is a minuscule 2% to 4% and falling.
  • Commercial property may give you 7% to 8% ROI but they need a much larger investment of Rs.3 to 5 crores which is impractical for most of us.
  • So people will happily buy any asset that gives you more than 6% to 8% ROI – which Starlit Suites exceeds by a large margin as it gives you 8% to 10% in the beginning which grows to as much as 16% by 15th year.
  • Investors would queue-up outside your door to buy such a high income generating asset from you as there are no other safer, stable and predictable income alternatives in India.

Greater Appreciation than Regular Apartments or Villas

Since these apartments are fully furnished, fully air-conditioned and fully serviced and come with a long lease with high monthly income, they will appreciate a lot more than regular apartments or villas.

Loans make it Very Affordable

Small ticket sizes and availability of loans make these highly affordable and easy for anyone to invest in Starlit Suites, because of which there is massive demand for such assets – making it easy for you to sell whenever you want to.

Constant Waiting List for Resale Properties

We receive enquiries on daily basis from many investors who are eager to purchase such high income assets and hence reselling your unit will be easy due to such waiting list that builds up in each city. For example, at Bangalore where we did our first tower (126 room hotel at Electronic City), we have a waiting list of over 57 people who are eager to buy any unit that may come up for resale.

Buyer Gets Income from Day 1 of Investment

The person who is buying this asset from you would start earning rental income immediately (i.e. from Day 1 of his investment) and thus would be willing to pay you a premium to buy such a proven asset from you. You can also show your bank statement as a proof of income being generated by your unit.

Seven nights FREE Stay @
ANY Starlit Suites property across India

With breakfast!

  • For every unit you own, you get 7 nights of FREE stay with breakfast PER UNIT PER YEAR.
  • Out of these 7 nights, you can spend 4 nights at any other Starlit Suites location (currently operational / under construction at 8 locations and adding 20 other cities eventually over the next 6 to 10 years)
  • That is, if you invest in Starlit Suites Kolkata, you can use all the 7 free nights at Kolkata, or use upto 4 nights at any other location such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Shirdi, Tirupati, Delhi-Neemrana, Cochin and balance 3 nights at Kolkata.
  • You can also gift these free nights to your family, friends and colleagues and any unused free nights can be rolled over to the next year (for a maximum of 2 years).

Asset becomes Free in 8 to 9 Years

You will recover your entire investment in 8 to 9 years

  • When you invest using a home loan, the income from these hotel apartments will be greater than the EMI you pay on your loan.
  • This is because your EMI is calculated at 8.5% (current floating rate) on 70% of unit value, whereas you are earning income of 8% to 10% on 100% of unit value.
  • For example, when you buy a Rs.41.16 lakhs Studio by taking 70% loan which is Rs.27 lakhs, your EMI would be approx Rs.24,000 per month, whereas income by the 3rd year itself is Rs.33,000 and by end of 5th year is Rs.37,000 per month – which means you are left with profit of Rs.9000 per month EVEN AFTER paying off your EMI.
  • And this excess profit will only keep increasing every year, for example – by 7th year, income grows to Rs.41,000 per month, which means you are left with profit of Rs.17,000 per month!
  • Because of this excess income (which keeps increasing every year as EMI remains same but income keeps increasing), you will accumulate enough funds to recover your entire investment of 30% in 8 to 9 years time.
  • Post this, you will continue earning monthly income FOR FREE as technically, you are earning this on ZERO investment (as you have recovered your entire initial investment).
  • Therefore, investing in this hotel apartment using a loan is the smartest way to create wealth and earn higher ROI in the long run.
  • Even if you can afford to pay the entire cost of unit from your own funds, it is financially more lucrative to invest using a loan.

Invest in Starlit Suites Kolkata if…

  • You want to generate an increasing & continuous stream of high passive income to supplement your primary source of income and elevate your lifestyle.
  • You want to build a secondary source of income as a back-up / insurance against job loss, etc in these increasingly uncertain times.
  • If you dream of retiring early or are on the verge of retirement and want to create a steady stream of stable, predictable and high monthly income.
  • If you are an NRI yearning to return to India but are unsure or have no safe way to generate a consistent monthly income to maintain your current lifestyle that you enjoy abroad, once you are back in India.
  • If you are an NRI who has settled abroad and decided not to come back to India forever but want to take advantage of India’s booming economy and real estate story – for which this asset is the best way to participate in India’s growth.
  • If you dream to own a chain of hotel rooms across India by investing in multiple micro assets across top cities of India instead of sinking all your money into a single asset in just one city.
  • If you want to own an asset that is entirely managed by India’s leading professionals rather than having to manage them yourself.
  • If you have already retired and want a safe investment that can generate monthly income without having to lock-in your capital for a long time, which is the case with most of the options available today such as FDs, Provident Fund, finance or chit fund companies which provide low monthly returns, no capital appreciation and also block your funds for a very long time.

  Frequently Asked Questions..

Have some more questions?

.Visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to find answers to almost any question or concern that you may have regarding this unique high monthly rental income asset.

Enjoy Stress-Free Rental Income!

Why go through all the stress & hassles of buying & renting out property on your own to earn just 2% to 3% per annum, when you can earn almost 3 times as much – i.e. 8% to 10% per annumwithout any maintenance or involvement from your side by investing in these serviced apartments?!

Project Overview

 – Located right behind DLF IT Park in Rajarhat on the main road.
– Just 12 kms to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
– Very close to the 200 acre Silicon Valley Hub & Salt Lake Sector 5

Ground + 3 Floors
Standalone tower built on 1 acre land
120 Units in total – 108 Studios + 12 One BHKs

 ~ Studio (447 Sft) – Rs.41.16 Lakhs
~ 1 BHK (726 Sft) – Rs.66.69 Lakhs

Construction is 90% complete and completion expected by end of February 2024

All Approvals Received & Project Pre-Approved for Home Loans

Starlit Suites Kolkata - Google Map with Surroundings

Location Advantage

Where in Kolkata / Rajarhat is this located?

Also called the “New Town Kolkata”, Rajarhat is one of India’s very few planned cities and is being heavily developed as the information technology hub of East India.

Rajarhat and the neighbouring Salt Lake City Sector V are collectively considered the IT hub of East India and are home to several multinational companies such as HCL Technologies, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Wipro, TCS and IBM.

Kolkata (& Rajarhat in specific) is of strategic importance to lot of IT firms as their base to expand in the Eastern region of the country – which is on of the last remaining untapped markets of India.

Presence of offices means job prospects for the locals and an influx of migrant working population – which is both a positive factor for the real estate market and also leads to increasing demand for affordable places to stay for short to medium term – like Starlit Suites serviced apartments.

  • TCS (one of the key players in Rajarhat) has invested Rs.1350 crores to set up a 40 acre IT campus that seats 16,500 employees – making it one of the largest employers in the city.
  • Wipro has also been allotted space for a IT hub and many large brands like IBM, Accenture, Cognizant, Genpact, Hewlett-Packard and Tech Mahindra have already set-up their operations long ago.
  • Infosys has recently finalised its plans to build a 1000 seater campus with an investment of Rs.100 crores.
  • ITC Infotech has also started the process of setting up its first software development centre at Rajarhat.

One of India’s few Planned Developments

Rajarhat is one of India’s few planned cities and is divided into three areas namely :

  • Action Area 1 – which comprises of malls, residential and commercial spaces
  • Action Area 2 – serving as the main central business district (CBD) comprising of institutional plots, IT Business Parks, plots and apartment complexes – and this is where Starlit Suites Kolkata is located.
  • Action Area 3 – mainly consisting of high-rise residential complexes and mini sub-townships. A planned development with inclusion of commercial and retail outlets, has attracted buyers. As a result, the locality has several properties on offer in the market as a slew of new projects underway.

Rajarhat is also enabled with a 10.5 km stretch of Wi-Fi Zone – connecting the Main Arterial Road to the airport to Sector V – making it India’s first Wi-Fi enabled road.

Rajarhat is set to become India’s first near-zero energy satellite town (ZEST), thanks to efforts by the US department of energy (DOE) and the renowned Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL).

Rajarhat has also been declared as a Solar City by the previous central government steps are now being taken to declare Rajarhat a “Smart Green City” – the dream initiative by the Prime Minister of India.

Excellent Connectivity – Air & Rail

  • The proximity to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (just 6 kms away) is one of the main reasons why investors from both Kolkata and from across India are keen on investing in this region.
  • The New Garia – Airport line of the Kolkata Metro will pass through Rajarhat and will open by August 2018 – making Rajarhat very well connected to the airport and other parts of Kolkata.
  • The Sealdah Railway Station is also nearby, just 12 kms through VIP Road.

Social Infrastructure

Kolkata’s real estate market is one of the most stable ones and was the least affected during the 2008 recession and then the 2016 demonetisation, since the market is heavily end-user driven market with high demand and relatively low supply.

As mentioned before, the locality’s social fabric comprises of a healthy mix of commercial, residential, retail / entertainment zones as well as top tier educational institutes.

Reports by top international property consultants have shown that Rajarhat tops the list of localities in Kolkata with highest demand by consumers.

Similarly, Rajarhat Newtown secures the 1st spot in the list of localities to have witnessed the highest growth in Kolkata.

With consumer demand and residential supply on the rise in the state, Rajarhat does seem like a lucrative option for investment with a 5 year horizon and hence is a safe bet for you.

NRI investments in the area have gone up considerably in the past few years. About 35% of investors in Rajarhat are NRIs, who are investing due to the areas growing footfalls and IT establishments – which is a sureshot employment generator.

To cater to the rapidly increasing demand for quality residential space, top brands like DLF, Unitech Group, Shapoorji Pallonji, Tata group, Ambuja Realty, Bengal Peerless, Sureka Group etc. have got involved in developing large scale commercial, retail and residential communities in this region.

Rajarhat houses educational institutes such as

  • Delhi Public School
  • St. Xaviers University
  • Presidency University
  • Calcutta Public School
  • Amity University Kolkata
  • Rabindra Bharati University
  • IIT Kharagpur Research Park
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    and many more…

This township also houses multi-speciality hospitals such as TATA Medical Research Centre, AMRI hospital, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, etc.

Rajarhat also has numerous entertainment facilities / destinations such as private clubs, shopping malls, family parks, 5-star hotels, cultural centers and spas.

  • One of the notable mentions among them is the New Town Eco Park, boasting of an area of 480 acres consisting of water sports, huge green areas, butterfly garden, an island in the middle of the lake, excellent walkways around the lake.
  • There are several shopping malls such as DLF Galleria, City Centre 2, Axis Mall, Unitech Mall and Home Town Mall that take care of shopping and entertainment needs.
  • 5-star hotels like Swissotel, Novotel, Marriott, ITC, Hyatt and Westin are all closely connected to Rajarhat for fine dining and luxury hospitality experiences.
  • A state of the art recreational park water park called Aquatica and Nicco Park for Children make up for the entertainment escapades near the Rajarhat Township

The existing and upcoming IT / ITES establishments are attracting a lot of working professionals & floating population, making this the best time to invest in such high monthly rental income generating serviced apartments like Starlit Suiteswhich are going to witness explosive growth in demand in the years to come!


Construction is already 90% complete
(structure completed, interiors in advanced stage, followed by furnishing)

Click Here to See Photo Album of Site Work Progress

Price, Payment Schedule, Booking Amounts & Loans

Affordable Prices & Unit Sizes

Studio (447 Sft) : Rs.41.16 Lakhs – Selling Fast
1 BHK (726 Sft)
: Rs.66.69 Lakhs

These figures are of :
 – Inclusive of all furniture and fitouts as per list of furniture and fitouts available in the annexure section at the bottom of this article
 – Inclusive of Registration and Stamp Duty as applicable on date of registration (subject to changes by govt from time to time)
 – Inclusive of all taxes / GST, cess & deposits payable to local municipality / government (subject to changes by govt from time to time)
 – Exclusive of G&C’s service fee of 1.5% on the basic value (read more about this here)

Unlike other apartment projects where you are charged an additional premium for floor rise or premium location etc, there are no such additional charges in this hotel apartment and everyone pays the exact same cost irrespective of position of your unit in the tower.

This ensures that everyone in the apartment earns equal returns irrespective of unit position.

Easy Payment Schedule

  • Booking Amount :
    10% on booking / along with booking form.

  • On Execution of Agreements :
    10% on execution of agreement in 2 to 3 weeks from date of booking.
  • 50% as per current construction progress :
    – Incase of self funding, this is payable over 4 weeks from date of execution of agreements.
    – Incase of loan funding, the loan process will be handled immediately through G&C to disburse the amount in 20 to 30 days from date of booking (subject to your individual eligibility*).
  • Balance 30% :
    – Incase of self funding, this is payable in instalments as per construction progress.
    – Incase of loan funding, this will be paid by the bank in instalments as per construction progress and is subject to your individual eligibility*.

This is CHEAPER than Residential Apartments

Please click here to view a comparative analysis of cost price of Starlit Suites Kolkata versus comparable apartments in the vicinity and you will be thrilled to see that this super class high monthly income asset is available to you at a discount when compared to a regular apartment in the surrounding area.

Loan Available

Upto 70% of unit cost can be funded via home loan, which means you pay only 30% out of your pocketEntire loan process will be handled by us on your behalf so you don’t have to spend time and energy in running around banks etc.

Income is Credited to Your Bank Account Every Month (via ECS)

Each month’s income is credited directly to your bank account on the 25th of the following month and hence there is no need for you to monitor or follow-up for collection of income.

Returns / ROI

While a detailed “Income Projection Sheet” is available in the annexures section, given below is a quick summary of returns you can expect to earn – based on very conservative occupancy and room rates assumed by the operator which we have also validated at our end, based on existing market rates of comparable hotels in the area) :

  • 6% p.a. by end of 1st year of operations (and this does not include the abrupt hike in capital appreciation of asset in the first 3 years)
  • 10% by 3rd year
  • 15% by 10th year

If you take into consideration the high initial appreciation of capital values in the first 3 years and considering that the asset value might almost double in 4 to 5 years, you may end up earning an average ROI of 30% in 1st and 2nd year alone and hence this is a NO – BRAINER Investment.

Documentation Invovled

  1. Sale & Construction Agreement (SCA)

    This is between you and the builder for purchase of the flat and covers the terms and conditions of sale and construction of the hotel apartment and the timelines involved. This agreement will also have clauses to compensate you incase of delays in construction.

  2. Rental Management Agreement (RMA)

    This is between you and Starlit Suites (operator) and captures the terms and conditions of the revenue-sharing agreement with the operator. It contains important clauses related to revenue sharing, operator’s responsibilities, complimentary stay, period of contract, etc.

  3. Furniture & Fitouts Agreement (FFA)

    This is between you and Starlit Suites (operator) and it covers the cost and schedule of items that will be included as part of furnishings of your room as per 3 star hotel apartment standards.

  4. Power of Attorney (POA)

    This is a legal document giving Starlit Suites the power to operate the unit on your behalf and is a matter of legal formality.

Booking Your Unit

The booking process is fairly simple as explained below :

Step 1

Please inform one of our team members who will send you the booking form, which you can fill and send back a soft copy along with details of payment of booking amount which you can pay via net banking or by issuing a cheque.

Step 2

Based on your preference if any, a short list of available units will be sent to you and you can choose from the same to proceed further. All units are priced the same and the returns are distributed equally and hence you can choose any unit out of whatever is available without bothering too much about floor or facing.

Step 3

In addition to booking amount, once you pay 20% of unit cost, agreements will be printed and issued to you for signing, post which they will be sent back to builder for execution and you will be given your set once builder signs the agreements.

Step 4

Balance 80% may be paid as per payment schedule and incase you are going for loan, the same will have to be disbursed right away. Please contact Jhashank on +91 8500002480 / for further info or assistance on loan application process and to get a free estimate of your loan eligibility.


Click on below links to view additional important information :


Typical Floor Plan


Studio (447 Sft)


1 BHK (726 Sft)

Contact Details

For bookings or queries please call any of our below team members :

hashank Roy Chowdary
+91 85000 02480

+1 845 248 0012

Invest in Starlit Suites Kolkata today to be part of India’s 1st such high monthly rental income generating hotel apartments!
If you have more questions, visit our FAQ section by clicking here or
call one of our team members displayed above.